CompTIA IT Fundamentals ITF+ FC0-U61 Exam Questions and Answers

The latest CompTIA IT Fundamentals ITF+ FC0-U61 certification actual real practice exam question and answer (Q&A) dumps are available free, which are helpful for you to pass the CompTIA FC0-U61 exam and earn CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification.

Question 161: A user, Ann, is concerned about theft of her laptop and does not want a thief to have easy access to all of her banking and email. Which of the following precautions could be taken to mitigate this issue?

A. Only browse the Internet on WiFi connections that use WPA2
B. Turn off the guest account in the operating system
C. Disable autofill functionality within the web browser
D. Remove any legacy browsers from the computer

Question 162: A user is configuring a new wireless router. Which of the following should be done to ensure that unauthorized changes cannot be made?

A. Change the SSID
B. Change the router’s address
C. Change the administrator password
D. Change the encryption key

Question 163: Joe, a user, has just installed his first home wireless router. Which of the following tasks should be considered to help secure the unit from any confirmed exploits?

A. Change the router administrator username.
B. Change the router’s broadcasting channel.
C. Update the unit’s firmware.
D. Use a complex administrator password.

Question 164: Which of the following is the BEST security practice to use when configuring the management options of a wireless router?

A. Disable DHCP
B. Change the admin password
C. Enable SSID
D. Enable remote administration

Question 165: When operating under optimal network conditions, which of the following has the HIGHEST reliability?

A. Bluetooth
B. Wired
C. Cellular
D. WiFi

Question 166: A user needs to download tax documents from a financial website. Which of the following is the website MOST likely to use for transmission of the tax document to the user’s browser?


Question 167: Which of the following are secure network protocols? (Select TWO).


Question 168: Which of the following will allow the easiest and fastest way to share a single file between two modern smartphones without joining the same WiFi network?

A. Micro SD card
B. Bluetooth
C. USB connection
D. Infrared

Question 169: Which of the following BEST describes the pros and cons of a home wired network?

A. Low throughput, low mobility, high availability, high latency, high security
B. High throughput, high mobility, low availability, low latency, high security
C. High throughput, low mobility, high availability, low latency, high security
D. Low throughput, high mobility, low availability, high latency, low security

Question 170: A technician has just finished setting up a SOHO wireless router but the client does not want the PC on the wireless network for security reasons. The technician connects an RJ-45 cable to the computer and the router, but does not receive network connectivity. Which of the following is the NEXT step to diagnose the problem?

A. Change the IP address on the computer to match the router.
B. Reseat the power cable on the computer and reboot.
C. Check for link light activity on the computer and the router.
D. Change the hostname of the router to match the computer’s network.

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