CompTIA IT Fundamentals ITF+ FC0-U61 Exam Questions and Answers

The latest CompTIA IT Fundamentals ITF+ FC0-U61 certification actual real practice exam question and answer (Q&A) dumps are available free, which are helpful for you to pass the CompTIA FC0-U61 exam and earn CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification.

Question 141: Which of the following is a type of printing technology commonly used today?

A. Infrared
C. Laser
D. Flatbed

Question 142: Which of the following are examples of mobile OSs for cellular services? (Select two.)

A. iOS
B. Mac OS X
C. Chrome OS
D. Android
E. Windows XP

Question 143: To ensure that a user is hardening computer resources properly, the user should do which of the following? (Select two.)

A. Use one account for all family members.
B. Look for open wireless network.
C. Recognize suspicious hyperlinks.
D. Install and update threat prevention software.
E. Use a password-protected screen saver.
F. Disable system timeouts.

Question 144: Which of the following is true about a user wanting to run a 64-bit software program on a 32-bit OS?

A. The program cannot run natively on a 32-bit OS.
B. The program will run with reduced functionality.
C. The program can only run in compatibility mode.
D. The program can run only if the computer hardware supports 64-bit.

Question 145: Which of the following is used by an email account to receive email?


Question 146: Which of the following allows for an audio and video signal to be sent via a single cable?


Question 147: Which of the following allows users to print to another user’s local printer?

A. Network printing
B. Bluetooth printing
C. Print sharing
D. Peer-to-peer sharing

Question 148: A user has a username and password to log onto a banking website. The user would like to keep access to the account as secure as possible. Which of the following security best practices should the user follow? (Select TWO).

A. Use only public computers to access the website
B. Create a complex password
C. Change the default password
D. Write the password down
E. Use the original password

Question 149: A user, Ann, is experiencing slow browsing on a website she frequently visits that displays constant pop-up ads. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

A. The browser is incompatible with the website
B. The workstation has been infected with malware
C. The website is not secured by SSL
D. The certificate of the website has expired

Question 150: A laptop owner, Ann, can no longer see web pages when she opens her browser, and she can only see her search bars and plug-ins. Which of the following is the MOST likely source of this issue?

A. The computer does not have current antivirus software installed
B. The computer needs to have its components upgraded
C. The downloaded toolbars are filling the browser screen
D. The owner was not using complex passwords

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