CompTIA IT Fundamentals ITF+ FC0-U61 Exam Questions and Answers

The latest CompTIA IT Fundamentals ITF+ FC0-U61 certification actual real practice exam question and answer (Q&A) dumps are available free, which are helpful for you to pass the CompTIA FC0-U61 exam and earn CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification.

Question 111: Which of the following storage types has no moving parts?

A. Solid state drive
B. Hard disk drive
C. CD-ROM drive
D. DVD drive

Question 112: A user installs an expensive new microphone on a desktop. Now, every time the user boots the machine, the speakers give loud feedback. Which of the following caused this issue?

A. The CPU is running too hot.
B. The wrong audio card is installed.
C. The speaker is not compatible with the microphone.
D. The microphone is too close to the speaker.

Question 113: Which of the following items need to be disposed of properly to avoid hazardous materials in landfills? (Select two.)

A. Batteries
B. Toner
C. Furniture
D. Paper
E. Aluminum cans

Question 114: A user is installing an operating system. Which of the following should the user do to apply best practices?

A. Add enough drivers to support all potential peripherals.
B. Install all default applications.
C. Avoid installing unnecessary features.
D. Enable all features.

Question 115: Ann, a user, is using a mobile device at a local coffee shop where she connects to an open Wi-Fi hotspot. Which of the following is a risk that should be considered while using the hotspot?

A. Data is not encrypted.
B. Browser history is searchable.
C. Passwords are secure.
D. Firewall use is not necessary.

Question 116: Which of the following would a user need in order to connect to a public wireless hotspot at a local coffee shop?

B. User name
C. IP address
D. Wireless channel

Question 117: Which of the following is the BEST reason to change a wireless router’s default SSID?

A. To make it easier to identify in a location with several routers.
B. To make the network feel more personal.
C. To make it more difficult to join.
D. To make the network secure.

Question 118: A user, Joe, is concerned about the safety of his personal information on a website. Which of the following can Joe look for to ensure that his personal information is not at risk? (Select TWO).

A. HTTP on the browser address bar
B. Suspicious ads in the browser
C. HTTPS on the browser address bar
D. A lock symbol on the browser address bar
E. The word secure in the browser address bar

Question 119: Which of the following data connection types provides the HIGHEST mobility?

A. WiFi
B. Cellular
C. Direct link
D. Wired

Question 120: Which of the following items require ESD precautions?

A. Upgrading to a new touch screen monitor
B. Adding a micro SD card to a smartphone
C. Installing an compact flash card into a laptop
D. Replacing RAM in a personal computer

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