Cisco 500-440 Designing Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCED) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 51: Which three options are valid when Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal comprehensive call flow and survivability service handles SIP REFER? (Choose three.)

A. SIP trunk alternate destination routing (ADR) must be disabled for REFER
B. An application-controlled alternative is to set an ECC variable (user.sip.refertransfer) to the value y in the Unified ICM script
C. Router require on a failed SIP Refer transfer where the survivability service is not handling the SIP Refer request
D. Direct Refer transfer using label works only if Send To VRU node is NOT used before the Refer
E. Unified ICM sends Unified CVP a routing label with a format of rfXXXX
F. Standalone Cisco Unified CVP with ICM Lookup label

Question 52: Which two features does the SIP Proxy provide when deployed with Cisco UCCE, Cisco Unified CVP? (Choose two.)

A. demarcation point between networks
B. centralized dial plan
C. SIP VXML voice browser
D. N+1 or N:N redundancy
E. load balancer for HTTP and SIP

Question 53: Which two features does Cisco Finesse provide as an out-of-the-box agent desktop? (Choose three.)

A. desktop for third-party ACD
B. phonebooks and workflows
C. content sharing gadget
D. basic call control (answer, hold, retrieve, end, and make call)
E. agent historical reports

Question 54: Which Cisco Unified Border Element configuration is correct when deployed with Cisco UCCE Unified CVP?

A. You must dedicate a voice gateway for VXML browser sessions.
B. You must configure Cisco Unified Border Element as media pass flow-around mode.
C. You must configure Cisco Unified Border Element as media pass flow-through mode.
D. You must use box-to-box Cisco Unified Border Element redundancy.

Question 55: The JTAPI communications between the Cisco Unified Communication Manager cluster and Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise include three distinct types of messaging. Which two options are those messages? (Choose two.)

A. device and call monitoring
B. SIP call control messages
C. service control
D. single sign-on messages
E. routing control (Cisco Unified CM cluster request instructions from Cisco Unified CCE)

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