Cisco 500-440 Designing Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCED) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 41: Which two features does Cisco Unified Border Element provide when Cisco Unified CCE and Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal are used? (Choose two.)

A. load balancing outbound calls
B. secure communication using flow around mode
C. normalize SIP messages using SIP profiles
D. Silent Monitor inbound voice calls
E. record calls by forking the media

Question 42: In Cisco Finesse, which two workflow action types can be configured via the administration page? (Choose two.)

A. HTTP Request
B. Timer Action
C. Scheduled Call Back
D. Browser Pop
E. Run Macro

Question 43: A Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise solution is designed with geographic redundancy for the central controllers (with separate call routers and loggers). If Call Router Side A has device majority and its Ethernet private network NIC fails, which two events occur? (Choose two.)

A. Both sides go out of service for small period of time, Call Router Side A goes active, and Call Router Side B goes idle
B. Both sides go in service for small period of time, Call Router Side A goes active after negotiations with Call Router Side B, Call Router Side B goes idle
C. There is no ability to make ICM configuration changes at Side B
D. The Call Router Side A stays active, while Call Router Side B goes idle
E. The Call Router Side B stays active, while the Call Router Side A goes idle

Question 44: Which statement about the Cisco UCCE solution in the virtualized environment is true?

A. VMware NIC teaming whether in active-active or active-standby configuration on the UCS B/C series is supported
B. Nexus 1000V virtual distributed switch can be used but only for 500 agent deployment model
C. Cisco UCS VIC can be used on UCS C series TRC models
D. Spec-based virtualized servers based on Intel E5 26xx cpu family at speed 2.40 GHz is supported

Question 45: In a Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise deployment with geographically redundant central controllers, a new site is added with new redundancy requirements for Administration. Which option is the recommended configuration?

A. 1 – Primary AW, 1 – Secondary AW
B. 1 – Primary AW, 1 – Administration Client
C. 1 – Secondary AW, 1 – Administration Client
D. 2 – Primary Administration Client, 1 – Secondary Administration Client

Question 46: Which two system responses are valid if the Cisco UCCE (centralized deployment with remote branches which includes agents, phones and desktops only) and the remote branch lose the public network connection to both of the data centers? (Choose two.)

A. The Cisco Finesse server automatically signs the agent out of the system
B. The voice gateway detects the loss of connection to the Cisco Unified CVP call server. The voice gateway then executes local bootstrap TCL script, answers the call, and forwards it to the hunt group
C. Agents continue to have access to historical reports
D. The active call that arrived at the local PSTN connection and was answered by agent at that site remains active
E. The voice gateway detects the loss of connection to the Cisco Unified CVP call server. The voice gateway then connects to the communication manager cluster to provide local dial-tone functionality

Question 47: In Cisco Finesse 10.0(x), Which is the last operation a supervisor needs to perform in order to intercept the call?

A. after a supervisor has transferred the call
B. after a supervisor has selected a talking agent for monitoring
C. after a supervisor has started monitoring a call
D. after a supervisor has barged into a call

Question 48: Under which circumstance(s), can the Public/Visible network share the WAN with the Private network in the Cisco UCCE Clustering over the WAN deployments?

A. SONET WAN with multiple edge devices per Data Center to connect to the SONET ring
B. under no circumstances
C. MPLS WAN with a single edge device per Data Center that connects to multiple 1 Gbps WAN circuits and the failover between the WAN circuits is less than 500 ms.
D. MPLS WAN with multiple 1 Gbps WAN circuits and a fast 100 ms Round Trip latency between Data Centers

Question 49: Which two options are the maximum number of concurrent reports supported by CUIC? (Choose two.)

A. Up to maximum agent capacity for historical report using live data
B. 100 concurrent Historical reports
C. 800 concurrent Real-time reports
D. 400 concurrent Real-time reports
E. 400 concurrent Historical reports

Question 50: Refer to the exhibit.

In a Cisco Finesse 10.0(x) deployment, in Supervisor Gadget under the Queue Statistics pane, which option describes what the Other column represents?

A. number of agents assigned to the queue who are on inbound calls
B. number of calls handled by the agents associated with that queue
C. number of agents assigned to the queue who are on outbound calls
D. number of agents assigned to the queue who are on internal consult calls

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