Emerging Technologies Predictions 2020 – AI/ML, IoT/5G, Blockchain, Dark Data and more

The most powerful forces in our rapidly digitizing world are technologies that most of us don’t know much about yet. Alone and in combination, innovations in artificial intelligence, blockchain, natural language processing, and 5G telecommunications will usher a decade of change that will make the last 10 years look pretty laid back. A panel of […]

The Role of Modern Technologies in Terms of Improving Writing Skills

Just a few years passed before the computer entered our lives, and we no longer imagine a modern lesson without the use of information technology. Information and communication technologies become an integral assistant in increasing students’ interest in the problems studied and develops visual-figurative thinking. Now the Internet offers a ton of opportunities for students. […]

Executive Guide for Evaluating New Technology Changes to Consider in 2020

Changing technology has significant impact on business as well as candidate and user experience in the world of recruiting. Evaluating your tech investments annually is not often enough. Today’s technology changes at such a rapid pace, knowledge of what is available will be a powerful tool in HR operations. Your software solutions have a great […]

Biggest Trends and Strategies in Storage Hardware and Maintenance

Today, technology leaders, managers and engineers are continually facing decisions around updating technology, sun-setting legacy infrastructure and maintaining their current arrays. From the Internet of Things (IoT) to cloud migrations, this article uses analyst data and industry expertise to cover some of the biggest trends and strategies in storage hardware and maintenance.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Platform Implementation Guide FAQ

At lntelligenceBank, we are here to make your Digital Asset Management implementation experience and ongoing usage a success. Ensuring you and your team get the maximum value out of our software is critical, and we want your implementation to go as smoothly as possible too. lntelligenceBank’s expert implementation consultants have worked with hundreds of clients […]