Real-time Application and New Service Revenue Opportunities

With one notable exception, commercial 5G networks use a non-standalone architecture wherein new 5G NR radio infrastructure is connected to an Evolved Packet Core that also supports LTE data transmissions. Virtualization of EPC functionality is common but stops short of the cloud-native core network needed for a standalone 5G implementation. With non-standalone 5G, the emphasis […]

How 5G Network Could Improve Business: Coverage, Performance, Bandwidth, and Access

The benefits that 5G could provide right now are often overlooked. The hype surrounding future use cases can overshadow the benefits that 5G is already capable of bringing. While these enhancements to current broadband capabilities are perceived as less fundamentally disruptive, they could enable organizations to begin taking advantage of 5G now, helping their businesses […]

Using Operational Data to Monetize 5G Digital Transformation for Industry 4.0

Being prepared for the increased capabilities of 5G, and how they stand to change operations, is the best way for companies to move forward into a new age and capitalize on the volume of new data generated. As businesses grow more familiar and comfortable with Industry 4.0, operational data does not just present monetization opportunities […]