Enabling the Growing 5G mmWave Ecosystem Using Silicon mmWave Integrated Chipsets

Anokiwave with three (3) commercially released generations of 5G Silicon Core ICs offers OEMs with industry’s widest selection of ICs for every 5G mmW band (n257, n258, n260, n261). With a scalable architecture, using Anokiwave ICs, OEMs can enable multiple 5G use cases ranging from Macro Basestations, Small Cells, Repeaters to CPEs and others. 5G […]

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and 5G: Network Visibility and Real-time Application Awareness

5G presents a huge leap in mobile broadband capacity, speed and latency, and brings the promise of innovative and exciting new use cases. Part of the excitement comes from the convergence of new technologies such as big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence. These new technologies, combined with the gigabit speeds, enhanced capacity and ultra-low […]

Automation for 5G Network Rollout Process

Rolling out 5G services is an opportunity for telco operators to enhance automation, improve customer experience and meet their business goals. This article outlines the route to success on each count, and shows why 5G rollout should be viewed as the start of network automation rather than its culmination. Read now to discover: The symbiotic […]

How will 5G Impact Wireless Retailers?

To say that 5G will have an impact is an understatement. With the rising expectations of today’s tech-savvy consumer, retailers need a way to keep up with the trends and on top of the competition; this new, improved network could be just the thing. But when will these changes take place and what are the […]

Build, Operate and Monetize 5G Networks Together

5G networks are being rolled out around the world and the pace will accelerate through 2019 and into 2020. Unlike previous generations of cellular communications, 5G is a game changer for both consumer and business applications. Indeed, 5G is the missing link for the commercialization of emerging technologies like IoT, augmented reality, virtual reality and […]

Finding Convergence in 5G Security

Enabled by the convergence of a broad array of advanced technologies, 5G networks promise to wirelessly interconnect devices, individuals, enterprises, and nations at unprecedented levels of performance and service. The technologies underlying the 5G infrastructure complete the digital transformation of communications networks, offering a more fluid fabric needed to respond to fast-changing demands. In protecting […]

5G Antenna Design

The Fifth-Generation New Radio (5G NR) communications framework provides an entirely new approach to cellular communications. It supports scalable waveforms, multiple access schemes, and service multiplexing across wide bandwidths. It also supports existing services while being forward compatible with future requirements.

The High Road to 5G Infrastructure

The first tangible evidence of Fifth-Generation (5G) infrastructure has not been in mobile network base stations but rather in the Verizon™ fixed-wireless access (FWA) base stations for very high-speed broadband delivery to homes and businesses. This move has seemed counterintuitive for many people for two reasons:

Ecosystems of 5G Engineering: Infrastructure

The fifth generation (5G) of what used to be called cellular radio is like none before it. It encompasses not just smartphones and tablets but almost everything that can benefit from being connected to other things and the Internet. For the first time, connecting businesses is as important as connecting consumers, and while mobility remains […]

5G Infrastructure Enables New and Radical Applications

Not only will the new Fifth-Generation (5G) wireless infrastructure open the door to new applications, but it will greatly improve the applications that exist today for 4G and earlier wireless generations. With the 5G network’s enhanced performance, communication will be faster, with improved interactivity resulting from a significantly lower latency. That’s great for the consumer […]