Master 5G Terms and Acronyms

So what exactly does DFT-s-OFDM mean? How about mMTC? Raise your hand if you can use SS-RSRQ in a sentence. The number of 5G terms and acronyms increases all the time with no end in sight. If you’re working in the 5G ecosystem, it’s critical that you understand the design and test concepts across multiple […]

Mobile Technology and Wireless Communication News Headline Updated on 29 May 2020 – SmarTone, AT&T, Virgin Media, Clearfield, GTT Communications, and more

The headline on 29 May 2020 SmarTone deploys 5G across Hong Kong using Ericsson’s spectrum sharing technology. Soure: SmarTone deploys 5G broadly across Hong Kong using Ericsson Spectrum Sharing AT&T taps Salesforce to help deliver new connected experiences for the carrier’s customers. Source: AT&T Selects Salesforce to Accelerate its Customer Experience Vision Virgin Media won’t […]

Mobile Technology and Wireless Communication News Headline Updated on 20 May 2020 – Nokia, KDDI, FCC, Geoverse, Fat Pipe, MEF, 6WIND, and more

The headline on 20 May 2020 Virtual router vendor 6WIND announced it has added new features for its Turbo Router. Source: FatPipe Networks Appoints AT&T Business Solutions Vice President of Technical Sales as New Senior Vice President of Strategic Business MEF announced that 24 service providers from around the world now offer a combined total […]