How Database Technology Decisions Affect Customer Experience

Today’s customers expect a seamless, intelligent, and personalized experience that operates at the speed of the cloud and continuously available. To deliver an optimal customer experience, enable you to stay ahead of competitors. You need a distributed, intelligent, and responsive architecture which only possible when the right database is in place. Read this article to […]

How MLOps Deliver Machine Learning Applications to Scale Production AI

As you work to build your business into an AI-driven enterprise, you’ve probably encountered a few baffling pitfalls along the way. While you have hired top-notch data scientists to build models and invested in expensive data science tools, you still can’t get your AI projects off the ground. Why? What factors make it so hard […]

Hyperscale and Microscale Cloud Platforms as Global Data Center Growth Trends

Hyperscale cloud platforms continue the relentless expansion of their physical data center footprint, now turning increasingly to emerging markets like Indonesia and South Korea. This is happening amid a massive shift of enterprise computing workloads to these platforms. Meanwhile, a lot of investment is going into the deployment of edge-computing capacity at much smaller sites […]

7 Cs Fundamental Principles of Data Quality?

Organizations with healthy contact data save money on shipping and direct mail costs; they formulate effective business strategies and their customers experience high levels of satisfaction. Data Quality today is, first-and-foremost, a bottom-line issue that businesses must address to stay competitive. To help managers and executives, marketing professionals, and other non-technical personnel understand what data […]