The Role of DataOps in Innovation DataOps Success in the Data Economy

Data-driven innovation requires fast and secure access to enterprise data for anyone who needs it. DataOps methodologies provide the framework for improving speed and usefulness of data for innovation while complying with data security policies and laws. DataOps accelerates the adoption of transformative technologies, such as cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning furthering your ability […]

Using Data Management to Solve Real-World Challenges

You may know some basics about data management, but do you realize the transformational results data-management-done-right can produce? This paper explains core data management capabilities, then describes how a solid data management foundation can help you get more out of your data. From getting fast, easy access to trustworthy data to making better decisions and […]

Three Reasons Why Chief Data Officers (CDO) Need Data Transformation

We’ve talked to 100’s of CDO’s, CIO’s, and chief data leaders and have heard there are three primary data bottlenecks that impede digital transformation: a lack of continuous intelligence, data silos between business and IT, and data that doesn’t help prioritize. This article explores the “flywheel effect”, and the ways CDO’s are playing a pitiful […]

How to Improve Quality, Richness and Analytics of Data Lake

Without an appropriate data strategy or advance planning, data lakes can quickly become unmanageable, particularly as businesses evolve and capture larger volumes of data. Now you’re a step closer to building a higher quality, well-structured data lake that’s fit for the future. In this article, we’ll explore how to prevent your data lake from becoming […]