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6 Efficient Steps to Craft Nails for Palworld Base

Palworld is a game where you can explore, craft, and battle with your pals. But you also need to craft nails for your base. Nails are important for making advanced tools, weapons, and items. But crafting nails is not easy. You need to follow a multi-step process that requires planning and resources. This article will show you how to craft nails in Palworld.

Nails are essential for your base in Palworld. You need to craft them with a specific process and resources. This article will help you with that process and give you some tips to make it better. With nails, you can make your base more powerful and impressive.

6 Efficient Steps to Craft Nails for Palworld Base

Step 1: Unlocking Nail Crafting Technology

Before you can craft nails, you need to unlock the nail recipe by investing a technology point. You can earn technology points by leveling up your character. The nail recipe becomes available at level 10.

However, unlocking the nail recipe is not enough. You also need to unlock the Primitive Furnace technology, which is necessary to smelt ore into ingots. Ingots are the main ingredient for nail crafting.

Step 2: Building a Primitive Furnace

To build a Primitive Furnace, you need 20 wood, 50 stone, and 3 Flame Organs. Wood and stone can be gathered from the environment, while Flame Organs can be obtained from Fire Pals, such as Firebears or Firebirds.

Once you have the materials, you can construct a Primitive Furnace at your base. It is advisable to place the furnace near a workbench, as this will make the crafting process more convenient.

Step 3: Mining Ore Deposits

The next step is to mine ore deposits, which are scattered throughout the world. You can use a pickaxe to break the ore and collect it. However, be aware that ore is heavy and will take up a lot of inventory space. You may want to drop off some items at your base before mining.

Alternatively, you can enlist the help of Pals with Mining skills, such as Rockdogs or Rockbears. These Pals can automatically extract ore from nearby deposits and store it in their inventory. This will save you time and effort.

Step 4: Smelting Ore into Ingots

Once you have enough ore, you can insert it into the Primitive Furnace and start smelting. However, you need a Kindling Pal to operate the furnace and keep the fire going. A good example of a Kindling Pal is Foxparks, which can produce fire from its tail.

You can assign a Kindling Pal to the furnace by interacting with it and selecting the Pal option. The Pal will then stay near the furnace and smelt the ore into ingots. You can collect the ingots from the furnace output slot.

It is recommended to stockpile ingots, as they are the primary material for nail production. You will need a lot of ingots to craft enough nails for your projects.

Step 5: Crafting Nails at a Workbench

With ingots ready, you can craft nails at any workbench. You can find workbenches at your base or at other locations. To craft nails, you need 1 ingot for every 2 nails. You can adjust the quantity of nails you want to craft by using the slider.

However, crafting nails can take a long time, especially if you need a large amount. To speed up the nail crafting process, you can use Handiwork Pals, such as Rabbits or Hamsters. These Pals can assist you with crafting and reduce the time required.

Step 6: Maximizing Nail Production

If you want to optimize your nail production, you can set up a system that automates the process. The idea is to have Pals mine ore deposits within the base boundaries and deliver the ore to the furnaces. The furnaces, manned by Kindling Pals, will then smelt the ore into ingots and output them to the workbenches. The workbenches, assisted by Handiwork Pals, will then craft the ingots into nails and store them in your inventory.

This strategy allows for efficient and continuous nail production in Palworld, without requiring much intervention from you. You can focus on other tasks while your Pals handle the nail crafting for you.


Nail crafting is an important skill in Palworld, as it enables you to build various structures, weapons, and vehicles. However, nail crafting is not a simple task, as it requires several steps and resources. This guide has shown you how to get nails in Palworld, from unlocking the technology to maximizing the production. By following this guide, you can become a master of nail crafting and enjoy the benefits of this versatile item.

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