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How to Build the Best Structures for Palworld Base

Palworld is a game where you can explore, craft, and battle with your pals. But you also need to build the best structures for your base. Unlike Minecraft, where you can build anything with blocks, Palworld needs specific recipes for structures. You can unlock these recipes with Technology Points, which you get from leveling up.

This system makes the game more fun and challenging. You have to think and plan how to use your Technology Points and what structures to build. You also have to raise your Pals, which are like Pokemon.

How to Build the Best Structures for Palworld Base

These structures are very useful for your base. They help you with resource gathering, crafting, and survival. They also help you with your Pals, which are your best friends in the game.

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How to Build the Repair Bench

The Repair Bench lets you fix your tools, like axes and pickaxes, which wear out over time. This saves you from making new tools all the time. You should build the Repair Bench early in the game to keep your tools in good shape.

How to Build the Wooden Chest

The Wooden Chest gives you more space to store your items. You need to collect a lot of materials for survival and crafting, so having enough storage is important. The Wooden Chest is a simple and effective way to store your items. You can upgrade it to the Metal Chest later for more space.

How to Build the Shoddy Bed

The Shoddy Bed lets you sleep and skip time. You need to sleep to rest and heal, and to change the day/night cycle. Your Pals also need to sleep, so having a bed is essential for them too. The Shoddy Bed is the first bed you can craft, and it only needs basic materials like fiber, wood, and wool.

How to Build the Logging Site

The Logging Site lets you get wood faster and easier. You can assign your Pals with forestry skills to chop trees for you. Wood is a basic material that you need for many things, so having a steady supply of it is very useful. You can also combine the Logging Site with the Stone Pit to get both wood and stone efficiently.

How to Build the Pal Gear Workbench

The Pal Gear Workbench lets you make gear and weapons for your Pals. You can improve your Pals’ skills and abilities by equipping them with different gear and weapons. You can unlock more gear options in the tech tree as you progress. The Pal Gear Workbench is important for making your Pals stronger and smarter.

How to Build the Primitive Furnace

The Primitive Furnace lets you turn ores into ingots. You need ingots to make advanced items. You can use your fire-based Pals, like Foxsparks, to melt ores into ingots quickly. The Primitive Furnace is a key structure for improving your crafting capabilities.

How to Build the Egg Incubator

The Egg Incubator lets you hatch eggs that you find in the game. You can get new Pals from hatching eggs and grow your collection. The incubation process is not too long, and you can get a lot of Pals from it. You can also unlock more structures later, like the Sphere Factory and Mega Sphere, to catch and collect Pals more easily.

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