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Solved: How can I turn off ‘Web & App Activity’ and ‘Location History’ for Gmail accounts?


We have a multiple of Gmail accounts active here which almost all are in use. Over the last few days, we have received some emails that contain the message “this is a reminder that your Web & App Activity setting is enabled” and “You’re receiving this email as you have activated Location History“. Please refer to the attached image for more information.

Solved: How can I turn off 'Web & App Activity' and 'Location History' for Gmail accounts?

I do not recall activating Web & App Activity or enabling Location History. The level of accuracy Google has in identifying the places I have visited is concerning. Can an expert provide insight as to why Gmail enabled these features if I have not, and how I can disable them?


You can disable the Location and Web & App History at any point in the Activity controls of your Google Account.

By default, Web & App Activity and Location History settings were originally activated. In order to ensure greater privacy and compliance with the GDPR, Google has transitioned to a more transparent system, allowing users to have more control over their settings. Google may have released a notification to inform users of how to disable Web & App Activity and Location History, however, it is possible some individuals may have missed this update.

Upon creating a new Gmail account, it is essential to ensure that tracking is disabled. In my opinion, this should be taken into consideration when making any new account.



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