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Solved: Is Bitdefender suitable for use on a server?


Is it possible to install Bitdefender Ultimate Security on a Windows server without blocking workstations’ access to the server on the domain?


It is not recommended to install any third-party antivirus software on a server or any PC as Windows comes with Microsoft’s built-in antivirus tool, which is known often performs better than other antivirus tools in tests.

In addition, antivirus tools are typically used to counteract the actions of users who lack the knowledge necessary to understand the potential risk of downloading virus or malicious software onto their computers.

Servers are typically used for data hosting purposes and are not generally used directly by users, except in the case of remote desktop servers. Direct connections to servers should be limited to Server Administrators and they should be knowledgeable enough to refrain from using the server to browse the web, check emails, or install software not related to the server’s purpose.

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