Save as Web Page not available in PowerPoint 2010

When you try to save PowerPoint presentation as a webpage in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, the following Save as type options are not available in the Save As dialog box:
– Web Page (*.htm;*.html)
– Single File Web Page (*.mht;*.mhtml)

1. You can save PowerPoint presentations as .htm file or as .mht file by using PowerPoint object model which provides compatibility with older add-ins and macros.

2. You can save file as webpage (*.htm;*.html) to desktop without embedding True Type fonts (msoFalse) by using ppSaveAsHTML argument for *.htm file format. To do this, follow these steps:
– In PowerPoint 2010, open PowerPoint presentation that you want to export to HTML.
– Press Alt+F11.
– Press Ctrl+G.
– In the Immediate pane, type following and then press Enter:
ActivePresentation.SaveAs “:\users\\desktop\.htm”, ppSaveAsHTML, msoFalse

* Note To save by using Single File Web Page (*.mht;*.mhtml) file format, replace htm at the end of the file name with mht and replace ppSaveAsHTML with ppSaveAsWebArchive.

Additional information Microsoft Support KB980553