Email Archiving Scenario using Microsoft Exchange Server

With Microsoft Exchange Server, administrators can choose between two scenarios ensuring email archiving that helps companies to meet a growing number of compliance requirements. The first scenario is to create an additional “In-Place Archive” mailbox or a “Personal Archive” for each user mailbox, in which emails can be transferred either automatically or manually. Alternatively, an […]

365 Days Until The Death of Windows 7, How enterprises are preparing for security disaster?

The launch of this research report marks exactly one year until the death of Windows 7. On the 14th of January 2020, Microsoft will officially end support for its nine-year-old operating system and stop providing vital security updates and patches to the thousands of organizations around the globe still running the outdated OS. While Microsoft […]

[Solved] How Do I Fix Samsung Laptop Battery only charging up to 80% but not full

If battery on samsung laptop is only charging to 80%, this is because Battery Life Extender function in Samsung Control Center is enable. Battery Life Extender sets the maximum battery charge level to 80% in order to extend the life of laptop’s battery. Follow below steps to disable Battery Life Extender in order to fully […]

[Solved] How Do I Fix Sideways Screen Problem by Changing Desktop Display Orientation in Windows and Mac

When you plugged in or detached external monitor, Windows desktop is showing sideways positioned in portrait mode while your screen is in landscape / horizontal view. You can’t even read the text without tilting your head or turning your display on its side. Changing desktop orientation able to resolve sideways screen problem.