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Royal Mail Still Working to Recover from Cyberattack

Royal Mail, which suffered a ransomware attack earlier this month, is slowly recovering from the incident. Initially, the attack disrupted the UK postal service company’s operations, rendering it unable to ship overseas. Earlier this week, Royal Mail said that it has “resumed the export of letters which do not require a customs declaration to all international destinations,” but asks that customers refrain from sending new parcels.


  • Bravo to Royal Mail implementing “Operational Workarounds” indicating they are not paying the ransom but rather recovering their systems per their DR plan. The UK seems to be under a wave of increased ransomware attacks, this is a good time to make sure that your operations over there are prepared.
  • In the face of our continued failure to resist extortion attacks, our backup and recovery procedures must enable us to recover entire mission critical applications in hours to days rather than simply a few files. It may be necessary to recover entire subnets in days.


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