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Effective Methods to Revive Incapacitated Pals in 10-Minute

Discover the crucial steps to revive incapacitated Pals in Palworld with our concise guide. Learn the swift 10-minute recovery process using the Palbox and grasp the real-time dynamics of the healing timer.

When a Pal in Palworld is incapacitated, the recovery process demands a minimum of 10 minutes within the Palbox. Simply place the knocked-out Pal’s portrait in the Palbox center to trigger a countdown timer for complete healing. It’s vital to recognize that this timer functions in real-time and relies on the player’s online status.

Quick Guide to Heal Incapacitated Pals in 10-Minute

Therefore, the 10-minute recovery period progresses only if the player stays connected to the game. Exiting the game during this time pauses the countdown, ensuring that even upon return after an extended period, the incapacitated Pal will remain knocked out until the required time has passed while online.

Method 1: Direct Healing with Inventory

  1. Open your inventory.
  2. Highlight a specific food item (e.g., berries or meat).
  3. Right-click on the chosen food item.
  4. Select either your character or all Pals in your party from the panel.
  5. Give the selected food item to your Pals for healing.

Method 2: Automatic Feeding with Small Feed Bag

  1. After unlocking the Small Feed Bag, place food in the container in your inventory.
  2. Your character and Pals will automatically eat from the bag when hungry or in need of HP replenishment.

Method 3: Reviving Incapacitated Pals with Palbox

  1. To revive knocked-out Pals, use the Palbox, the device for managing Pals in your base.
  2. Drag the portrait of the incapacitated Pal to the center of the Palbox’s panel.
  3. A timer will indicate a minimum 10-minute healing period for the Pal.
  4. The timer works in real-time and counts down only while you are online.
  5. Ensure incapacitated Pals spend at least 10 minutes in the Palbox for full restoration.

Important Note on Timer

  • The timer progresses only if you remain online.
  • Exiting the game while attempting to revive a Pal halts the timer.
  • Even upon return, the knocked-out Pal will remain in the incapacitated state until the required time has elapsed while online.

Palworld Pal Revival FAQs

Recovery Time for Incapacitated Pal

The recovery time for an incapacitated Pal in Palworld is a minimum of 10 minutes spent in the Palbox.

Initiating Healing Process

Placing the portrait of the knocked-out Pal in the center of the Palbox triggers a countdown timer for their full healing.

Real-Time Operation of Recovery Timer

Yes, the recovery timer operates in real-time, progressing according to actual time.

Dependency on Player’s Online Status

Yes, the 10-minute recovery period only progresses if the player remains connected to the game.

Impact of Exiting the Game During Recovery

Exiting the game pauses the countdown. Even upon returning later, the incapacitated Pal will remain knocked out until the required time has elapsed while online.

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