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PPC Split Test Lab

The right way to write PPC ads is to test. Get some inspiration by mixing and matching ad elements below to concoct the winning formula to your PPC ads!

– Use dynamic keyword insertion
– Try irregular punctuation
– Use all the space in an Ad
– Use little space in the Ad
– Use subdomain (keep dest. URL the same)
– Add a subfolder to the end display URL
– Use quotation marks
– Ask a questions?
– Use unique selling propositions
– Do the opposite of competition
– Make your offer time sensitive
– Add seasonal Ad copy
– Add a short testimonial
– Use social proof
– Add a call to action
– Use pricing in the Ad
– Add a discount (% or $ off)
– Use reverse headlines
– Use funny or silly
– Use a scary tone
– Make your Ad rhyme
– Use alliteration
– Use copyright or trademark symbols
– Talk benefits of using you
– Black space using (recommended)
– Official site

Testing notes:
– Depending on the size of the adgroup, always test 2.4 ads against each other.
– Try to use a period at the end of description line 1. This will give you an extended headline in positions 1-3.
– Use either of the ad rotation settings “rotate evenly” or “rotate indefinitely” to best split test your ads.
– Using parameters in BingAds will give you greater control over your ads.
– The biggest factor in quality score is CTR, so test away!
– Use statistical significance when determining if an ad has enough data to be the winner.
– If you use keywords in your ad they will be bolded.
– Adwords Editor makes creating building and managing ads in bulk easy.

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