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MasquerAds abuse Google Ads

Updated on 2022-12-29

A new MasquerAds technique is being widely used by threat actors to abuse the Google Ads platform in an attempt to deliver a variety of malware to victims’ systems. Read more: “MasquerAds” — Google’s Ad-Words Massively Abused by Threat Actors, Targeting Organizations, GPUs and Crypto Wallets

Landing and rogue sites used in the campaigns

Overview: MasquerAds

On the same note, Guardio Security also has a report out on another malvertising campaign using Google ads to redirect users to malicious websites peddling fake installers, this one boobytrapped with the Vermux malware. This is a trend, apparently, and other malware gangs are doing it too. Read more: Google ad traffic leads to stealer packages based on free software

Flow of events from this infection chain.

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