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Free PDF Splitter Software for Mac and Windows

PDF stands for Portable Document Format, the most popular file format created by Adobe that provides people with easy access and an efficient way to present and exchange documents. Therefore, users rely on it most and always try to manage their essential documents with this versatile file format. If you also want to be a part of that PDF file and have a large type of document, you can easily split it into individual chapters and separate pages to mark up, save, or send only the required data. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 Best Free PDF Splitter Software for Mac and Windows users that allows users to split a PDF file into multiple files.

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Why need to split a PDF file into multiple files?
Aryson PDF Splitter Software
SysInfo PDF Split Tool
MacSonik PDF Splitter Tool
Cigati PDF File Splitter
DRS PDF File Split Software

Why need to split a PDF file into multiple files?

Plenty of reasons lead to the need to split or break the PDF file into smaller ones. Some of the most common causes are:

  • Sometimes, users face difficulties dealing with large PDF files as they take a lot of time to load, upload and share.
  • If you have multiple pages in your PDF file and want to print the specific from it, then it requires splitting the PDF file based on pages.
  • Once you split your PDF file, you have an option to share only the essential and needful documents from it.
  • PDF files are easy to deal with if you have a small size.
  • There are some requirements behind the need to split the PDF file. Now, let’s look at the Best Free PDF
  • Splitter Software for Mac and Windows working that helps you split multiple PDF files into one instantly.

Aryson PDF Splitter Software

Aryson PDF Splitter Software is the best and most prominent PDF document files splitter tool that can split large-sized PDF files into smaller PDF files and make them easy-to-accessible. It allows users to split the PDF files based on various parameters, such as Range, Page Number, Size, and Odd and Even Pages.


  • The software splits the large-size PDF file into smaller ones.
  • Allows users to browse the single and multiple PDFs to split it.
  • You can split the PDF file based on Range, Page Number, Size, Odd and Even Pages, etc.
  • Feature to lock the PDF files by applying user and owner passwords.
  • The software offers an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.


  • The Free version of this software splits PDF files with watermarks.

SysInfo PDF Split Tool

SysInfo PDF Splitter Tool is a free and reliable utility for splitting PDF files into multiple parts. The software is competent enough to split single and multiple PDF files by providing a new password to the outcome or split PDF files.


  • Allows users to break the password-protected PDF file into smaller ones.
  • It works as a stand-alone application, i.e. no additional requirement.
  • The software helps you to split the PDF file with range, size, and selected pages.
  • It has a smart install and uninstalls procedure.
  • The tool supports all the Windows versions like 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, and 2000.


  • It split the password-protected PDF file but required a password for it.
  • It does not offer us the option to select the path for the output files.

MacSonik PDF Splitter Tool

MacSonik PDF Splitter Tool is the best application for Mac users to split large PDF files easily. It has exclusive features to customize the PDF splitting operation as per your requirement. In addition, it is well known for its interactive user interface and simple working.


  • The Software is compatible with all the versions of macOS.
  • It offers various splitting options to customize the resultant file.
  • You can add password protection to the output PDF file.
  • Automatically shows the PDF file properties like File Name, Path, Size, Max Pages, and Protection.
  • The free PDF Splitter tool also supports multiple PDF files and converts them into a specific one.


  • It supports all the PDF files created in different versions.
  • If you need to split a password-protected PDF file, you need to enter the existing user password.
  • The Software only runs on macOS devices.

Cigati PDF File Splitter

Cigati PDF File Splitter is an efficient and trusted tool to split large PDF files into multiple small files without losing any formatting and file content. This software helps you separate the PDF file documents to manage them efficiently. Additionally, it permits you to save the resultant files with encryption.


  • It allows users to split PDF files into smaller ones with simple steps.
  • The software does not require the pre-installation of Adobe Acrobat to split PDF files.
  • It breaks PDF files into smaller documents for easy file management. The software is 100% safe and
  • secure for splitting PDF document files.
  • Have an option to modify the file details of the new split PDFs.


  • It takes a lot of time to divide a large PDF file into smaller documents.
  • Free PDF Split Tool split PDF file with adding watermark on it.
  • There is no number of file limitations to converting PDF files.

DRS PDF File Split Software

The DRS PDF Splitter Tool is a helpful tool for Windows users to split or break large-size PDF files into multiple smaller parts without using the adobe acrobat application. The software is designed with a highly-advanced algorithm to quickly and fastly split single and multiple PDF files. It supports all Windows versions like 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.


  • While splitting the PDF file, there is no data alteration, loss, or manipulation.
  • It keeps the original PDF file content intact during splitting.
  • The software offers a user-oriented GUI for a better experience.
  • Feature to save the PDF file attachments while splitting PDF.
  • It splits large PDF files based on Size, Range, and Pages.


  • Provides an option to preview Filename, File Size, File path, etc., but not the document.
  • It breaks the password-protected PDF files but simultaneously requires its password.
  • Ideal with all the Windows versions like 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and 7, but not with macOS.


I hope this article is helpful for you, as here we discussed the five best Free PDF Splitter Software for Mac and Windows users. All the software is easy-to-use and comes up with multiple prominent features. Now, it all depends upon you which you want to choose.

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