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DDoS Booter Sites Seized; Seven People Arrested

Updated on 2022-12-15: 50 DDoS websites taken down

Europol and law enforcement agencies across Europe and the US have shut down 50 DDoS-for-hire portals. The crackdown is part of Europol’s yearly Operation PowerOFF, a yearly operation that shuts down DDoS service providers ahead of the winter holidays, a period when many kids use these services to attack gaming servers. The DOJ has also charged six individuals in the US. According to infosec reporter Brian Krebs, the accused allegedly ran DDoS portals such as supremesecurityteam[.]com, royalstresser[.]com, securityteam[.]io, astrostress[.]com, IPStresser[.]com, and TrueSecurityServices[.]io. Read more:

50 DDoS websites taken down

Updated on 2022-12-14: DDoS Booter Sites Seized; Seven People Arrested

An international law enforcement operation has resulted in nearly 50 domains associated with distributed denial-of-service (DDoS)-for-hire services being taken down. Seven people have been arrested in connection with these so-called booter services; one of the people was arrested in the UK and six in the US. The operation was a cooperative effort between law enforcement agencies in the UK, the US, the Netherlands, Germany, and Poland.


  • Have you had a recent conversation about what DDoS mitigations are in place? Cloud, CDN, ISP, on-premise systems all have capabilities: make sure they are all enabled. When getting push-back, make sure it’s based on current information, many services have evolved in the last year or so, so you may need to update your evaluation/opinion.



The DOJ seized 48 internet domains and charged six individuals suspected of running Stresser or Booter platforms that enable any attacker to launch DDoS attacks. Read more: Federal Prosecutors in Los Angeles and Alaska Charge 6 Defendants with Operating Websites that Offered Computer Attack Services

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