Over 300 CompTIA IT Fundamentals ITF+ FC0-U61 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 271: Rachel is using her iPad to view pictures. She turns the iPad 90 degrees, and the image turns as well. Which sensor allowed this happen?

A. Gyroscope
B. Accelerometer
C. Turnometer
D. Magnetometer

Question 272: John purchases a single-use software license for an application and installs it on his desktop. Then he installs it on his laptop computer. In this scenario, which of the following statements is true?

A. John can share the application with his friends to install on their computers
B. John can use the application on both computers at the same time
C. John can use the application on both computers, but only one at a time
D. John can use the application on only one of the computers

Question 273: While browsing the Internet, a user receives a warning regarding the display of mixed content. The address bar includes https, and the lock symbol is showing. Which of the following does this warning indicate about the website?

A. It contains both secure and non-secure parts.
B. It is best viewed with a different browser.
C. It stores data in cache or cookies, but not both.
D. It requires login credentials for some sections.

Question 274: If you use an open network, what email configuration setting should you ensure is enabled?

A. Enable anti-malware software to protect from viruses.
B. Enable secure sockets layer/Transport layer security (SSL/TLS) encryption to protect the account password.
C. Disable active content types such as Flash and Java to protect the web browser.
D. Enable a script blocker to prevent scripts from running.

Question 275: A user installed a new scanner on a desktop personal computer without any documentation. The scanner powers on, the lamp turns on, and then the unit stops with a failure light lit. Which of the following should the user do FIRST?

A. Find a scanner user group website and ask for help.
B. Go to the scanner manufacturer’s website and download the current installation information.
C. Check the personal computer manufacturer’s support website for information about scanner installation.
D. Update the scanner firmware and drivers, then reinstall the scanner.

Question 276: You have increased the number of computer nodes for your cloud-based database instance. Which term describes this action?

A. Scaling in
B. Scaling up
C. Scaling Down
D. Scaling out

Question 277: You have configured a database in the headquarters office located in Houston, Texas. Your company has office in major cities across Canada and the United States. Users in Eastern Canada complain about slow query access to the database, while Texas users enjoy fast performance. What should you do?

A. Place a read replica in Eastern Canada
B. Create a foreign key
C. Place a writeable replica in Eastern Canada
D. Create an index

Question 278: Which of the following would be the MOST efficient way to transport a file from one location on a local hard drive to a different location on the same hard drive?

A. Rename
B. Move
C. Save
D. Cut

Question 279: Rose opens her software application and gets a message stating that she has only 16 more uses of the product available. Given this scenario, what is her best course of action to use it more than 16 additional times?

A. Uninstall and reinstall the software
B. Register the software
C. No longer close the application
D. Activate the software

Question 280: Which of the following is not a function of the operation system?

A. Monitor system health
B. Coordinate hardware components
C. Coordinate software applications
D. Interface between the user and the machine

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