CompTIA IT Fundamentals ITF+ FC0-U61 Exam Questions and Answers

The latest CompTIA IT Fundamentals ITF+ FC0-U61 certification actual real practice exam question and answer (Q&A) dumps are available free, which are helpful for you to pass the CompTIA FC0-U61 exam and earn CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification.

Question 261: Which of the following file types is considered executable?

A. .zip
B. .app
C. .iso
D. .pdf

Question 262: Which of the following computer ports can be used for storage, video output, and peripherals?


Question 263: You have been asked to lead a class on preventing social engineering. What two topics should you be sure to cover? (Choose two.)

A. Shoulder surfing
B. Viruses and worms
C. Phishing
D. Hardware theft

Question 264: You have just purchased licensed software and want to install it. Which of the following are you required to enter to install this software?

A. The serial number of your processor
B. None of the above
C. Your name and contact information
D. The product key

Question 265: You are visiting a website to order a product, but you keep seeing old information that you know is outdated. Which of the following will most likely fix the problems?

A. Clear the cache
B. Disable browser extensions
C. Configure proxy settings
D. Deactivate client-side scripting

Question 266: Which of the following is not generally included in a two-tier architecture model?

A. Client-side layer
B. Application layer
C. Business logic layer
D. Database layer

Question 267: A user, Ann, calls the manufacturer of a software product she purchased, but is denied assistance because the product is no longer supported. Which of the following options is a BEST next choice?

A. Online user forum
B. Original instruction manual
C. PC manufacturer’s website
D. P2P software sharing service

Question 268: A technician is trying to access a user’s files and is unable to open any folder or file. Which of the following BEST describes the situation?

A. The files are corrupted.
B. The technician needs to change the file attributes.
C. The technician does not have permissions.
D. The folders contain older versions of the files.

Question 269: Your database has grown over time, and you need to improve query performance. What should you do? (Choose two.)

A. Create an index for queried data
B. Create a foreign key
C. Remove infrequently accessed data
D. Perform a database dump

Question 270: In which of the following situations should there be some expectation of privacy?

A. Posting a comment on a friend’s social media page
B. Submitting personal information on a school enrollment site
C. Posting a comment on a video sharing site
D. Sending email and pictures to a close relative

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