Get Organised! Clear The Clutter And Get On With Your Day

Knowledge, careful planning, organized systems, and dedication can give any organization the basics it needs to be strong. Getting organized is one of the best elements to implement within any structured boundary. Positive elements may then able to surface from the conscious effort of eliminating negatives like getting rid of unhealthy stress & tensions that […]

How to Enhance Open Enrollment (OE) Program

The open enrollment (OE) period is a busy time of year for payer organizations. A successful open enrollment program takes more time and persistence. The best way to optimize your program is to use a long-term approach with year-round member connection and engagement. There are steps you can take today to enhance the member experience. […]

Outdated Automation Tools Limit Performance in Predictable Ways

To work around these limitations, IT organizations must often license add-on tools and dedicate staff to supervise processes and perform tasks manually. That’s costly and doesn’t scale. Over time, these legacy automation tools and workarounds limit the performance of the business itself. It doesn’t have to be that way. With Redwood’s RunMyJobs® workload automation, organizations […]