Optimizing Hybrid Cloud Environments: Insights From The Battlefield

87% of organizations already have a hybrid cloud environment but optimization is key to improving performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency. We reviewed 200 cloud projects from the last 12 months to gain insights about optimization areas requiring an immediate business impact. Based on our experience, organizations that harbour legacy modified datacenter operations are frequently not achieving […]

A Framework for the Networking Implications of the Edge Cloud

We demand instantaneous access to content and information. Consumers stream movies and music in almost real-time and businesses leverage new technologies like AR and VR to run efficiently. There’s an escalating need for data to move closer to the network edge. Traditional centralized cloud architectures simply won’t cut it. Latency-sensitive applications require storage and compute […]

The Six Steps to Effective Cloud Governance

Achieve the fastest path to successful cloud adoption through effective enterprise cloud governance. Moving to the cloud is essential for enterprises to compete and thrive. But most companies struggle to understand and manage their risk. Cloud presents critical governance challenges that, left unaddressed, threaten the financial health, regulatory compliance, reputation, and customer trust that are […]

Benefits, Constraints, and Recommendations to Run SAP in Public Cloud

Cloud computing has evolved in recent years, turning from being a niche technology to becoming a central pillar of digital transformation. Companies of different sizes have already migrated application systems to the cloud. Now, this applies to business-critical applications too. While companies have preferred to operate complex business applications primarily from their own data centres […]