Fundamentals Key Concepts and Architectural Principles for Cloud Security Blueprint 2.0

With over 70% of Enterprises already in the cloud, more and more companies are considering a move, or are beginning their cloud migration journey. Are you considering moving to the Azure cloud? Are you still early in your cloud migration journey? In either case, architecting a proven principle of cloud security should be top of […]

How Innovative Cloud-Based ERP and PSA Technologies Enables Client Satisfaction

With client satisfaction being one of the top objectives for consultancy firms, are you sure that you are doing everything you can to WOW your clients? Satisfied clients equal repeat business, bigger deals, higher lifetime value, and winning more new business through referrals. So what would it take to delight your clients? Do you have […]

Challenges and Best Practices to Secure Cloud Migration Process

Cloud services are revolutionizing the way we build and deploy applications. Cloud migration, which is the process of migrating data and workloads from on-premises to a cloud computing environment, has become a major task for IT teams. As part of this process, each organization must consider carefully how it will uphold security and compliance requirements […]

Best Practices of Cloud Application Workload Security, Compliance, And Visibility For Healthcare

With the proliferation of new healthcare cloud applications, IT security professionals are challenged with unique security and compliance requirements. Read how healthcare organizations are securing their modern cloud application workloads while maintaining control over their compliance posture. This article includes: Strategies for securing modern application workloads Considerations for maintaining compliance Methodologies for automating security

How to Minimizing Cloud Security Risk with Multi-layered Approach

The cloud comes with a heightened risk profile due to the nature of cloud computing — the security of a cloud customer’s data is only as good as the cloud providers’ measure. Therefore, any enterprise looking at using cloud services internally or in their lines of business continually must evaluate and competently manages security risks […]