CLF-C01 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Questions and Answers (4)

The latest Amazon Web Services CLF-C01 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification actual real practice exam question and answer (Q&A) dumps are available free, which are helpful for you to pass the Amazon Web Services CLF-C01 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam and earn Amazon Web Services CLF-C01 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification.

Question 301: A company is building an application that requires the ability to send, store, and receive messages between application components. The company has another requirement to process messages in first-in, first-out (FIFO) order.
Which AWS service should the company use?
A. AWS Step Functions
B. Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS)
C. Amazon Kinesis Data Streams
D. Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS)

Question 302: AnyCompany recently purchased Example Corp. Both companies use AWS resources, and AnyCompany wants a single aggregated bill.
Which option allows AnyCompany to receive a single bill?
A. Example Corp. must submit a request to its AWS solutions architect or AWS technical account manager to link the accounts and consolidate billing.
B. AnyCompany must create a new support case in the AWS Support Center requesting that both bills be combined.
C. Send an invitation to join the organization from AnyCompany’s AWS Organizations master account to Example Corp.
D. Migrate the Example Corp. VPCs, Amazon EC2 instances, and other resources into the AnyCompany AWS account.

Question 303: Which tool can be used to create alerts when the actual or forecasted cost of AWS services exceeds a certain threshold?
A. Cost Explorer
B. AWS Budgets
C. AWS Cost and Usage Report
D. AWS CloudTrail

Question 304: A user has limited knowledge of AWS services, but wants to quickly deploy a scalable Node.js application in the AWS Cloud.
Which service should be used to deploy the application?
A. AWS CloudFormation
B. AWS Elastic Beanstalk
C. Amazon EC2
D. AWS OpsWorks

Question 305: Which AWS Trusted Advisor check is available to all AWS users?
A. Core checks
B. All checks
C. Cost optimization checks
D. Fault tolerance checks

Question 306: A web developer is concerned that a DDoS attack could target an application.
Which AWS services or features can help protect against such an attack? (Choose two.)
A. AWS Shield
B. AWS CloudTrail
C. Amazon CloudFront
D. AWS Support Center
E. AWS Service Health Dashboard

Question 307: A company wants to provide one of its employees with access to Amazon RDS. The company also wants to limit the interaction to only the AWS CLI and AWS software development kits (SDKs).
Which combination of actions should the company take to meet these requirements while following the principles of least privilege? (Choose two.)
A. Create an IAM user and provide AWS Management Console access only.
B. Create an IAM user and provide programmatic access only.
C. Create an IAM role and provide AWS Management Console access only.
D. Create an IAM policy with administrator access and attach it to the IAM user.
E. Create an IAM policy with Amazon RDS access and attach it to the IAM user.

Question 308: A company has a compliance requirement to record and evaluate configuration changes, as well as perform remediation actions on AWS resources.
Which AWS service should the company use?
A. AWS Config
B. AWS Secrets Manager
C. AWS CloudTrail
D. AWS Trusted Advisor

Question 309: What are the advantages of deploying an application with Amazon EC2 instances in multiple Availability Zones? (Choose two.)
A. Preventing a single point of failure
B. Reducing the operational costs of the application
C. Allowing the application to serve cross-region users with low latency
D. Increasing the availability of the application
E. Increasing the load of the application

Question 310: A workload on AWS will run for the foreseeable future by using a consistent number of Amazon EC2 instances.
What pricing model will minimize cost while ensuring that compute resources remain available?
A. Dedicated Hosts
B. On-Demand Instances
C. Spot Instances
D. Reserved Instances

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