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3 Ways to measure ROI of Marketing Automation

Adoption of marketing automation technology is expected to increase 50 percent by 2015. But while more marketers understand its importance, there’s still some fogginess on the best way to measure its ROI. Learn three ways marketing departments can measure the ROI of automation and gauge the impact it will have on their business.

Lead Scoring
The more accurate marketers make their scoring models, the better results they will see. Incorporating customer and prospect behaviors will improve accuracy, resulting in higher quality of leads going to sales. When behavioral “facts” are embedded in scoring models, in addition to demographics and firmagraphics, sales will be more confident about the leads they’re receiving from marketing – resulting in more closed deals.

Nurture Programs
Enable marketers to educate prospects who aren’t yet ready to engage in a sales cycle and gently guide them to a purchase decision, can have 2x the open rates and 3x the click-through rates of one-off emails.

Marketing and Sales Alignment
Alignment between these two departments is constantly evolving, so setting periodic goals and benchmarks for your company’s business needs is the most practical way to measure this area.

Extracted from “Measuring the ROI of Marketing Automation” by Ellen Valentine, Product Evangelist

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