Nik Collection Filters Crash Photoshop on macOS High Sierra

Nik Collection filters will crash Photoshop on the laptop with High Sierra. This issue is easy to reproduce, Nik Collection filters crashes immediately when trying to save the results of the filter back to the Adobe Photoshop’s layer stack.

The official reply from DxO support about this issue on Nov 15, 2017 as below

We are proud to have added the Nik Collection to the DxO family starting October 25, 2017.
This acquisition is recent, so we do not yet support the various plug-ins of the Nik Collection in their original version.

Some workaround to avoid this issue as below:

Workaround #1: Works for layers that are not Smart Objects and Nik Collection filter is setup to not make a new layer itself
Change the Nik software (within the plugin, under settings) so it does not create a new layer when the filter is applied. If you don’t use a smart object it works fine as long as you don’t ask it to create a new layer when applying the filter.

  1. Open Photoshop.
  2. Open an image.
  3. Open Nik Collection and Color Effects Pro 4.
  4. Look down on bottom left corner of window for HELP and SETTINGS buttons. Click the SETTINGS button.
  5. Click on AFTER CLICKING OK (Third one down). Change After Clicking OK setting to Apply the filtered effect to the current layer then OK.
  6. Click OK on the bottom of the settings box in Nik Collection to make the change effective.
  7. Before you take the image from Photoshop into Nik Collection filters, make a duplicate layer in Photoshop first, then Nik plugin effect is copied into that layer when you bring it back to Photoshop from Nik Collection. You can then change it’s opacity just as before.

Nik Collection filters settings

Workaround #2: Tested using Nik Collection Smart Filters applied to Smart Objects as this was causing Photoshop to crash every time when crop an image.

  1. Right-Click and disable the Nik Filter in the Layers view.
  2. Crop the image.
  3. Choose some other tool like the Move tool.
  4. In the Layers view, right-click the Nik Filter and select Edit Smart Filter.
  5. Click OK to close the Filter window and the filter should be re-enabled and re-applied to the image without crashing.