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Why do most Web developers choose JavaScript?

JavaScript is a high-level programming language and one of the most preferred among the other programming languages. Most users choose this Language for web development as it is flexible and can adapt any function within a website. JavaScript makes it easy to adopt different functions within a single website. Along with other technical flexibility, JavaScript is usually considered lightweight, typed weakly, and flexibly based on the object, making it easier even for the non-developers to understand the Language. One of the major advantages of using JavaScript for web development programs is that it helps create active and interactive content for a website. Using different complex operations and functions makes the Language one user-friendly programming languages compared to the other languages. The websites and applications can be easily developed using this programming language. They can be installed within any mobile browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, and any web browser you name it.

Why do most Web developers choose JavaScript?

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Let us look into the features of JavaScript
What can one create using this programming language?
What more can you make with JavaScript?

Almost all the websites are developed using this programming language, and other mostly used languages like HTML and CSS. The accessibility and flexibility of the Language have been one of the trusted features of this Language and have been dedicated to executing most of the functions under JavaScript engines. On an everyday basis, as a web user or virtual audience, we witness most of the JavaScript made functions in shopping applications like Flipkart and Amazon. The search box at the top of every page of the Amazon application or website is made functional mainly with the help of JavaScript. In simple words, this programming language helps to bring life to a basic website structure.

Let us look into the features of JavaScript

Validation before the user input: When one fills in an online form or any details to be searched by the browser, JavaScript helps you validate the information before the users submit it. In simple words, it helps to rectify errors before they are submitted to the root network or the source.

Provides good control of Websites and browsers: Imagine getting stuck with a server due to network traffic. JavaScript helps control web servers by reducing the loads on the server and traffic in the network. This is possible because JavaScript is independent of any network server and makes every browser smooth and fast.

Helps to add HTML content: if we want to add an image picture of any content, we need to click on the mouse a few times, and your content will be added. JavaScript allows you to add different types of HTML content easily. It also helps to add links and other content without creating a problem.

Detects User and OS information: It is one of the most flexible features of JavaScript. It easily detects the User’s browser and Operating System information to enhance the function more suitably. Sometimes it is important to have access to the User’s browser information. Such as writing code for giving different outputs for multiple browsers used simultaneously.

Ability to work with other languages: One of the important advantages of using JavaScript is that it can work perfectly with other programming languages, enhancing the functions of different types of web developments. It can be embedded into any webpage or website or even within the script of other programming languages. This is another feature of JavaScript, which makes it a flexible programming language and is popularly used by most users worldwide.

What can one create using this programming language?

Highly functional web pages or websites: Most of the complex details and functions visible in the website are created with the help of JavaScript. JavaScript has been done when a website does more than stay still on the screen. One can easily develop a full-fledged website and add different types of functional content like videos, slides, animations, 3D graphics using just a simple programming language called JavaScript. It acts as the third part or layer with the HTML and CSS in web development.

Web Applications: Another major creation using JavaScript is the development of web applications. Everything that can be done within an application is done with the help of JavaScript. As mentioned earlier, the search box, which is capable of understanding the users’ preference by typing a word, is all with the help of JavaScript. It cannot add life to an application but useful functions within it. Moreover, functions such as zooming in and zooming out, visibility of hidden information, and even displaying timer and countdown within an application are possible with the help of this Language. Google maps, one of the essential parts of our lifestyle and savior when we are lost around a city, use JavaScript to make different functions possible.

Office and School Presentations: Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most commonly used programs for preparing presentations for offices and schools. But, using JavaScript for making such presentations enhances the functions and the contents of the presentation. However, to use JavaScript for making presentations, one must have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Even if you are not familiar with these two other languages, you can use It uses RevealJS to build a web-based slides presentation for different projects.

Server Applications: These applications serve as a server for other applications. The main function of this Application is to wait for the requests from other applications before entering that Application. Thus, NodeJS enables a server application used by famous companies such as Walmart.

Games: JavaScript is not only capable of making applications and websites, but it also enables developers to make games too. Though it doesn’t facilitate making highly advanced games appropriate for computers, it is great for mobile games. Moreover, if one plans to make easy and fun games for kids, Java makes them possible. It also helps make web-based games based on the type you want to develop.

What more can you make with JavaScript?

If you are interested in digital arts, JavaScript facilities make three-dimensional digital arts. It also helps to make smartwatch applications, among which Pebbles brand uses Pebble.js to help developers make applications based on their brand line.

If you are taken away by the features and the possibilities of JavaScript as a programming and developing Language, you should apply for a Web Development job. You can make almost anything by using just a programming language called JavaScript.

JavaScript Developer Jobs is one of the highly demanded jobs in the current employment opportunities. There are different websites and applications where you can easily find vacancies for Web Development skills, such as JavaScript Works Indeed and

If you are interested in learning the language and becoming a Web Developer, JavaScript is the best language to learn.

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