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SonicWall Warns of Web Content Filtering Limitation

SonicWall has published a security advisory warning that they “have identified an inconsistency in Capture Client Windows 3.7.6 and older clients on endpoints running Windows 11 version 22H2 … result[ing] in Web Content Filtering (WCF) policies that enforce blocked categories to be no longer effective on impacted endpoints.” SonicWall says the issue will be addressed in Capture Client 3.7.7 for Windows, which is scheduled to be released on February 17.

SonicWall Web Content Filtering UI


  • One of the challenges with endpoint protection products is tight integration with OS features. In this case Microsoft’s changes to the CryptoAPI, released in Windows 11 22H2 break the SonicWall Content Capture product. SonicWall is releasing an update February 17th, and patch Tuesday is the 14th, so you may want to pause on pushing the 22H2 update until after you’ve deployed the 3.7.7 client, or except the risk for your Windows 11 user base with this product not doing content filtering until after the Capture Client update is deployed, which may be a better plan.


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