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Solved: What are the Best, Most Affordable and Customizable Learning Management Systems (LMS) Platform

LMS is the Learning Management system, a Learning Management System (LMS) assists you with computerizing and record the learning programs. It is reasonable for both limited-scope instructive projects and college-level learning programs. LMS is the e-Learning method used to learn any quality or the courses through this digital technic.

Solved: What are the Best, Most Affordable and Customizable Learning Management Systems (LMS) Platform

Some LMS vendors provide a free trial version for customers and after the free-trail, if you find it is the one that you are looking for, then purchase it. I think it should be implemented in every LMS so that it will do someone a favor of understanding the LMS and select the learning management system according to the customer’s requirements.

LMS help organizations and instructive foundations make, track, and deal with their eLearning programs. Nonetheless, most devices accompany a set estimating model that can be costly for independent companies and establishments.

If you searched for the learning management system you will get many options. But if you searched according to your requirement then it became very easy to use open source LMS system.

Below is the list of the best learning management system service to the customer at an affordable price.

Content Summary

DomainRacer LMS
Talent LMS
Google Classroom
Canva LMS
Atutor Learning Management System
Paradiso Free
Bridge LMS
Forma LMS
Examination online
Open edX
Blackboard LMS
SolarWinds RMM
Jira Service Desk
Nucleus for Shezartech


Moodle is one of the popular LMS service providers. Moodle gives the robust open-source learning platform. Which have the LMS feature like teaching with Moodle, powering learning environments etc. Moodle stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. Founded and developed by Martin Dougiamas in 2002, Moodle. Moodle lets you create customized courses and is a free learning system. Facilitate accurate tracking and generate certificates. It supports various learning requirements and can manage courses accordingly. Moodle offers you mass enrolment and secure authentication. It has got a personalized dashboard and convenient file management.

Community-driven, this globally supported effort makes one of the largest open-source teams in the world

Moodle is a free, open-source LMS stage that allows clients to make tweaked courses. It offers instruments to oversee virtual homerooms, create declarations, and measure preparing program achievement by means of investigation.

Moodle is probably the most popular. It’s PHP-based and is used by a lot of schools, though the interface could probably be revamped a little. Luckily, it’s designed to be extensible and customizable.

In education, the LMS with the largest open-source user base is Moodle by far. There is an excellent user community and assuming one has a server available, and pretty good IT skill, it can be downloaded and administered fairly easily. But that’s a big “if,” and if you don’t have that level of basic support, then open source is not for you. But as an option, there are several Moodle hosting companies, who do the hosting and basic admin for a fee. Moodle Rooms is one.

Engaging learning activities and adaptability of Moodle makes it the number one LMS for K-12 schools. From my experience, it seems that Moodle satisfies the needs of teachers and students.

The main features in Moodle LMS are:

  • Can create our courses and contents
  • Create assessments and assign them to students
  • Students can track their progress and grades;
  • Discussion forums
  • Custom Certificate
  • Gamification
  • Reporting and analytics


100% cloud-based LMS for both large and small businesses, gives you the accurate real-time tracking of leaners and support gamification. It supports unlimited content, videos and PowerPoint. You can customize it according to your desires and is highly responsive. You can use it without any doubts. It will make learning more effective and interesting.

IPIX LMS provides you numerous features advantageous to the users. It allows custom integration for the users or organizations according to their requirements. And also offers an update to the current integrations if needed based on the functionality.

IPIX LMS also offers G Suite, Google Drive, SIS, and Office 365. This LMS does not limit the course creation number, supporting almost all formats like SCORM, Video, PowerPoint, 3D videos, CSV files, and PDFs. It encompasses all that you need for a perfect learning management software creating a unique and seamless learning experience.

IPIX LMS provides a free-trail version and you can try it for free. IPIX LMS is 100% cloud-based and has a responsive design which help you to get used to the software fast.

Some features of IPIX LMS:

  • Ecommerce shopping
  • Unlimited content
  • Ensure retention
  • Support 40+ languages
  • SCORM certified
  • Powerpoint
  • Gamification

So, try before choosing one. You should definitely try the IPIX LMS and it will be the one that fulfills all your requirements.

DomainRacer LMS

DomainRacer offers the features like building the courses, live video classes, quiz, assignments etc. It gives the complete learning pathways in which you will be aware of all the feature of learning management system. Performance focused hosting and secure learning infrastructure is the service given by this company. 24×7 technical support is always ready to support the users for any technical problems.

It is the most trustworthy brand in the LMS hosting industry that gives the most affordable service with free easy to use course builder, large storage, top security features, and zoom integration. It provides a free premium SEO tool that helps to optimize your website and get a potential audience.

Based on my experience in the business, I recommend you DomainRacer LMS Hosting because of its unique features and affordable pricing.

With DomainRacer LMS hosting you can build the courses, live video classes, quiz, assignments etc. It gives the complete learning pathways in which you will be aware of all the best feature of LMS.

DomainRacer is an SEO tool that assists with site optimization and provides fantastic keywords and other suggestions to help you attract more customers.

It also offers a free premium video platform with zoom integration or any other best features that you need to create your online tutoring.

Some of DomainRacer’s most notable characteristics:

  • Make the installation and payment processes as straightforward as feasible.
  • They provide simple dashboard, drag and drop website builder
  • It provides great processing efficiency as well as server backup.
  • It has a zoom function as well as a live streaming class function.
  • It offers a free SEO tool that may help you improve your search engine rankings and traffic.
  • Enhanced performance is achieved via the usage of LiteSpeed technology.
  • It offers free video instruction and accepts all major credit cards.
  • It includes a free SSL certificate as well as all of the necessary security measures.
  • It provides excellent customer service. Seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.
  • Include a premium video platform that provides the greatest performance across all browsers and platforms.
  • It seems to have a zoom integration feature that improves student and teacher connection.
  • Simple Dashboard, with free Drag and drop course builder
  • It includes a free SSL certificate, which ensures secure browsing and protects against hackers.
  • It also comes with a unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth, as well as 7+ top security measures and 400+ important applications.
  • It already has a high uptime (99.99%) and minimal downtime, which is beneficial for live broadcasting a lesson.
  • Free premium SEO tool where you will get all the best SEO attributes
  • It provides customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Talent LMS

The most affordable LMS software is TalentLMS. This popular cloud-based solution offers one of the fastest, most efficient approaches to training. It is also user-friendly and can be used for training customers, business partners, and employees. It’s true that money can’t buy everything.

Talent LMS gives the high-quality feature for learning management system. Talent LMS offers various types of LMS services like on boarding training, compliance training, customer training, partner training etc. They also offer some readymade courses. Talent LMS helps users to organize learning materials, create courses and even more. A cloud-hosted system and make your business more effective. This LMS can be used for businesses of all sizes. Also, support gamification and make learning more interesting. It facilitates downloading the required courses and you can create unlimited courses, programs, and seminars.

It also one of the good LMS service provider, gives the standard quality to service to the customer but their plans are a little costly. It gives easy setup and standard quality customer care support.

It also gives an analytical report to the customer and gets a live class facility with good uptime.

After evaluating a dozen of LMS, I ended up with TalentLMS and here are some of the reasons: (Oh, and no, I was not paid by TalentLMS to write the things below – this my honest opinion as a user)

  • I was able to take my time to kick the tires: they have a FREE and UNLIMITED 5 users/10 courses basic option. Most LMS don’t offer any free option or they will just give you a couple of weeks to test their tool.
  • Very scalable and competitively priced licensing scheme: from 0 to “a lot”. As I was starting from scratch, I was satisfied with the free option. I upgraded after I saw that my needs were met with TalentLMS.
    Most LMS want you to buy 500 or more licenses up front.
  • Robust support: Even when I was under the free license, support was great. I was concerned that the Moodle community-based support might not be responsive enough (I have used Linux and I know that fixing things may take some magic)
  • Real small business focus. It was perfect for me to prototype my courses without breaking the bank.
    Some LMS (Blackboard comes to mind) are really targeted to large organizations, or to fit within existing colleges and schools and are very complex as a result.
  • Following my previous point, there was a very short learning curve – Within 48 hours, I had my first course up and running.
  • Easy integration of our corporate scheduling tool (Acuity)

TalentLMS has some shortcomings, like I wish there was a decent one-on-one live chat but I am not looking back.

Google Classroom

Any school or district that wants to encourage more online collaboration between students and adults in the school should start with Google Accounts for education. The accounts are free and assignments can be shared with students and turned in electronically through Google Drive. This is the easiest way to implement online collaboration, and can be fully customized.

It’s not typically marketed as a LMS like Moodle or Edmodo (also very good products) but because of Google’s popularity it is very easy to implement with students and teachers.

Completely free for schools, Google Classroom allows teachers to create classes, distribute and grade assignments, and send feedback to students. Permissions for students, guardians, and co-teachers are customizable, as are the options teachers have to share their screen, share a student’s screen, or lock everything down for something such as a pop quiz.

Canva LMS

The most popular LMS for new applications in the US in Canvas, and there is an open-source version. But be warned: one has to have a pretty strong IT support group to make this work; it is not for the merely knowledgeable, but for those who can draw on the expertise of an experienced staff.

Atutor Learning Management System

ATutor is an Open-Source Web-based Learning Management System (LMS) used to develop and deliver online courses. … Educators can quickly assemble, package, and redistribute Web-based instructional content, easily import prepackaged content, and conduct their courses online


is a free, cloud-based LMS for groups of any size. GoSkills LMS has no base client prerequisites, which means clients approach its endeavor level elements regardless of the size of their organization or group.


Drupal-based learning management which ensures partner skills, student, and employees remain up to date. Opigno provides fast customer support and can make use of business of all sizes. Highly flexible and offers APIS which can be used for creating a custom e-learning system. Facilitate global calendar and H5P technology. Opigno has better roles management and training management systems.

Paradiso Free

This LMS has a variety of features: gamification, social learning, multi-tenant, certification, etc. A great LMS for small businesses, but not a good choice for larger ones. It allows a maximum of 50 active users.


This LMS has the familiar WordPress dashboard. Some add-ons are free and some themes are quite good. The course creation process is logical. Unfortunately, some options like certification need to be paid for. It’s hard to find documentation. Support is provided only for premium add-ons and themes.


Free, community source, educational software platform designed to support teaching, research and collaboration. Systems of this type are also known as Course Management Systems, Learning Management Systems, or Virtual Learning Environments.

Bridge LMS

Customers receive high-quality service from this well-known LMS provider, albeit their plans are a little expensive. It has an easy setup process and excellent customer service.


Online learning management system (LMS) that allows educators to organize curriculum, create lesson plans, and provide student assessment.Schoology has a free plan for individual teachers.

Forma LMS

One of the best known open source learning platform that provides various training courses.Designed for corporate training, born to fit your company needs and processes. Easy integration with any intranet software, extend functionalities with a wide range of plugins.


Modern age Saas based cloud LMS that helps you to deliver a seamless learning experience to your audience. This a perfect, secure and robust cloud-based learning management system. Corporates, Trainers, Colleges/Universities can use WizIQ to create and deliver the self-paced, blended, live online courses and training.

WizIQ LMS Feature:

  • Fully integrated LMS
  • Complete course management
  • Virtual classroom
  • Chat, poll, breakout room
  • Secure video streaming
  • Test and assessment
  • Report and analytics
  • Support mobile learning app
  • Easy to convert PPT to video
  • Live Chat, poll, breakout room
  • Online whiteboard
  • Secure video conferencing


The best LMS For training management. A Learning Management System is an E-Learning software that is used to deliver content from Teachers, Professors & Trainers to learners.

Corporate utilizes the Learning Management System for the following Training as:

  • Sales & Marketing Trainings
  • Service & Spare Parts Training
  • Product Training
  • Manufacturing Process Training
  • Quality Training
  • Employee Assessment Training


This platform is user-friendly and can be integrated to any system with any technology. This learning management system will be helpful for educational institutions to automate their academic activities so that they can start online classes.

Let me share some highlighted features of 99LMS

  • Easy to manage courses
  • Teachers can create study materials in different formats like videos, google slides. docs, assignments, projects and so on
  • Various assessment tools will be available for continuous evaluation of students
  • Easy to conduct live virtual classes online
  • Conduct time-bound exams online
  • All multiple-choice questions will be auto-evaluated
  • All reports will be auto-generated

Apart from this, it will be a self-assessment tool for students as they get instant reports for all exams they attend. I can ensure that 99LMS will be the best LMS platform in 2020.


is the best LMS (Learning Management System) software in india and other countries. e-khool LMS software stands as best because of its uniqueness and multiple features which are not embedded in other LMS platforms. In worldwide, e-khool learning platform associate with most of the online academies to deliver the e-learning contents. The highlights in e-khool LMS software are

  • Artificial Intelligence based LMS
  • Assessment tools
  • Automatic alerts and notifications
  • Integration of third-party software
  • Own branding
  • Supports mobile learning
  • e-commerce functionality and so on.

In e-khool LMS software, we can create our own exam hall for mock tests and subjective type exams, also extract exam results of the learners for each program and automatic backup of each program. e-khool provides gamification in which we can enable and disable knowledge-based games for learners, gamification demonstrates the learners average learning level for each program. e-khool provides knowledge-based activities because it helps the learners learn the programs without boring. The specialty in e-khool is, no screen recording and screenshots are permitted in videos. Externally captured video cannot be posted since they are watermarked.

Examination online

The most user-friendly training platform in the industry. We offer unique capabilities of customizing the off-the-shelf product as per your specific requirements at an unimaginable cost. Private branding allows you to resell your content to other businesses and consumers with ease.

The features provided are:

  • E-Assessment Solution
  • Real-time reporting
  • Custom branding for greater authenticity
  • Custom reporting, online training and test assessment solutions.


Antargyan is another best LMS Which provides so many features at one place like strong encryption , uploaded recorded lectures, live classes, interactive sessions and many more . Teachers can use easily without any training and best part is that 24/7 support services


Thinkific is also given an LMS option for teachers who want to set up online courses for their students. Teachers can create and brand their own lessons as they see fit using a drag-and-drop course authoring tool.


The best online LMS for training management is undoubtedly a platform like Udemy. It can help to make the learning process fun and engaging.

  • It provides discussion forums
  • It can be integrated with AR and VR to make the process of learning more immersive and interactive
  • It has quizzes and tests
  • It provides a holistic educational ecosystem
  • It is accessible 24X7
  • It can help to enhance the skill sets of students as well as working professionals
  • It is SEO friendly and has a user-friendly interface

Open edX

The platform used to run the MOOCs offered by MIT and Harvard.

Blackboard LMS

It is a relevant brand in the LMS industry. Helps the client for making the video they provide good customer support. It gives good service and support to the customer.

SolarWinds RMM

This one is the software that offers remote monitoring and management. It has many functions such as AV and backup management, service desk, lightning-fast remote control, automation, and much more. So, with one software, you can actually handle a lot of things.

Jira Service Desk

This is another highly rated software that can be very useful. It connects businesses to IT by offering very fast as well as an accountable solution for the issues faced by customers. It can help your business by providing secure solutions.


This software has some of the best customer reviews in the arena of LMS. It is an ITIL service desk that is available online. It has several functions, such as ticketing management capabilities, problem change, knowledge, release, incident, and much more.

Nucleus for Shezartech

One of the best LMS, which can be customized and up-gradation on various source LMS like Moodle, CourseSites, Sakai, Dokeos, Schoology, Totara, eFront,etc as per requirement.t is compatible with all browsers and assists to plan, develop, deliver, track, and manage all learning events.


There are plenty of popular platform available on the market include:

  • Chamilo: An open source LMS that’s here to improve access to education. …
  • Totara Learn
  • Effectus
  • AMBC E-Learn
  • Docebo
  • Edmodo
  • Tovuti
  • LMSBrightspacee
  • Think LMS
  • NovoEd
  • EdApp
  • Coursesites
  • MyiCourse
  • Coggno
  • Appsembler
  • itslearning
  • Eduflow. Best for corporate training and higher education.
  • iSpring. Best LMS for any mission critical training project.
  • D2L Brightspace. Best for video assignments and game-based learning
  • Matrix LMS. Best LMS for drag and drop dashboard widgets
  • Latitude Learning
  • Assembler- Tahoe
  • Litmus LMS
  • Absorb LMS has a modern and clean interface.
  • Agylia sleek look, especially on mobile.


Get the best LMS for your business and according to your business requirements. Select the LMS which is cost-effective and suits your business.

Review your requirements before selecting an LMS provider, then visit the company’s official website, and select the best one.

Before selecting any LMS provider check your requirement, visit the official page of the LMS provider see their plans, compare them, refer to LMS comparison and select the best one as per your requirement.

Alex Lim is a certified IT Technical Support Architect with over 15 years of experience in designing, implementing, and troubleshooting complex IT systems and networks. He has worked for leading IT companies, such as Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco, providing technical support and solutions to clients across various industries and sectors. Alex has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the National University of Singapore and a master’s degree in information security from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is also the author of several best-selling books on IT technical support, such as The IT Technical Support Handbook and Troubleshooting IT Systems and Networks. Alex lives in Bandar, Johore, Malaysia with his wife and two chilrdren. You can reach him at [email protected] or follow him on Website | Twitter | Facebook

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