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Solved: How do I rebuild FFDB database to fix error ‘ffdb_err_msg_print: ret=-4, Error: kernel error’

This article describes how to rebuild the FFDB database in case of error ‘ffdb_err_msg_print: ret=-4, Error: kernel error’.

– Kernel error ‘ffdb_err_msg_print: ret=-4, Error: kernel error’ is observed on the FortiGate when there is an issue the FFDB files.

This can be verified using the below command:

# diagnose debug config-error-log read

– It is possible to remove the FFDB files using the below steps and download the database again.

To clear the ffdb files:

# diag internet-service clear /data2/ffdb_app
# diag internet-service clear /data2/ffdb_map

Run the below command to downlad the database again:

# execute update-now


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