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Solved: How do I fix Windows Error ERROR_IO_PREEMPTED 0x89010001, -1996423167, 2298544129?

This article discusses about what and most effective solutions to fix Windows Error ERROR_IO_PREEMPTED, also known as 0x89010001, -1996423167, and 2298544129. ERROR_IO_PREEMPTED error means the operation was preempted by a higher priority operation. It must be resumed later.

Error Information

Error Number/Return Code/Error Code Value

  • HEX: 0x89010001
  • Signed Integer/Dec: -1996423167
  • Unsigned Integer: 2298544129

What is Windows Error ERROR_IO_PREEMPTED 0x89010001, -1996423167, 2298544129?

Constant Name/Result String/String Error: ERROR_IO_PREEMPTED

Error Message Description

  • The operation was preempted by a higher priority operation. It must be resumed later..
  • 操作が、より優先順位の高い操作によって割り込まれました。後で再開する必要があります。

Category: HRESULT

HRESULT is a data type numerical error codes used in Windows operating systems, and the earlier IBM/Microsoft OS/2 operating system, to represent error conditions, and warning conditions, prevent collisions between error codes in different subsystems of the OS/2 operating system at the same time. Various bits within an HRESULT encode information about the nature of the error code. HRESULT error codes are commonly used in COM programming, where they form the basis for a standardized COM error handling convention.

HRESULT analysis

flags: SX; facility: 2305 (FACILITY_USERMODE_SDBUS); error: 1

  • Flags/Severity: Failure
  • Flags/Reserved (R): false
  • Flags/Origin: Microsoft
  • Flags/NTSTATUS: false
  • Flags/Reserved (X): true
  • Facility/Code: 2305 (0x901)
  • Error Code: 1 (0x0001)
  • Facility: Deployment Services Server
  • Operating System: Windows

Where does Windows Error ERROR_IO_PREEMPTED 0x89010001, -1996423167, 2298544129 come from?

Windows Error ERROR_IO_PREEMPTED 0x89010001, -1996423167, 2298544129 declared in the following source:

  • winerror.h from Windows SDK 10.0.14393.0
  • SD (Secure Digital) Bus – SD Card Error > FACILITY_USERMODE_SDBUS
    Value: 2305 | 0x901 | 0b100100000001
  • Error code definitions for the Win32 API functions
    pub const ERROR_IO_PREEMPTED: HRESULT = 0x89010001;
  • PythonForWindows > generated Windows defines and structures
    windows.generated_def.ERROR_IO_PREEMPTED = ERROR_IO_PREEMPTED(0x89010001)
  • GO windows package
    ERROR_IO_PREEMPTED Handle = 0x89010001

How to fix Windows Error ERROR_IO_PREEMPTED 0x89010001, -1996423167, 2298544129?


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