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Solved: How do I fix the Visual Glitch on Your Pixel 8/Pro When Using Firefox

Are you experiencing a pesky visual glitch on your Pixel 8/Pro while using Firefox? Fret not, as we’ve got a handy solution for you. In this guide, we’ll walk you through a simple method to fix this issue and ensure a seamless browsing experience on your privacy-focused Pixel device.


Currently, a number of users have reported encountering a visual glitch on their Pixel 8/Pro when using the Firefox browser. This glitch tends to occur randomly while browsing various websites, disrupting the user experience at regular intervals.

How do I fix the Visual Glitch on Your Pixel 8/Pro When Using Firefox

If you find yourself frustrated with this display bug, worry not – this guide is here to help. We’ll introduce you to a clever workaround that will rectify the visual glitch on your Pixel device, allowing you to browse smoothly without interruptions. Stick with us as we unravel the steps to resolve this issue and get your Firefox experience back on track.

Solution: Adjust flag in configuration

Step 1: Open your Firefox browser on your Pixel 8/Pro device.

Step 2: In the address bar, type and go to “about:config.” This will take you to Firefox’s advanced configuration settings.

Step 3: Once in the configuration settings, locate the flag named “layers.acceleration.disabled.” Change its state to True by double-clicking on it.

Step 4: Now, in the search bar, look for the flag named “layers.acceleration.force-enabled.” Change its state to False by double-clicking on it.

Step 5: With both adjustments made, restart your Firefox browser to apply the changes.

Adjust flag in configuration to fix the Visual Glitch on Your Pixel 8/Pro When Using Firefox

Step 6: After restarting, open a few websites to test whether the visual glitch has been resolved. You should notice a smoother browsing experience without the annoying display issues.

By following these simple steps, you can easily address the visual glitch problem on your Pixel 8/Pro when using Firefox. Enjoy a glitch-free browsing experience on your privacy-focused device!


And there you have it – a straightforward guide to fixing the visual glitch on your Pixel 8/Pro when using Firefox. While the developers are aware of this issue, an official fix and rollout date are still pending. Rest assured, we’ll keep you in the loop and update this guide when the solution becomes official.

In the interim, the workarounds provided in this guide are your best course of action. By following the steps outlined earlier, you can bypass the visual glitch and continue browsing seamlessly on your Pixel device. We understand the frustration that such issues can cause, and we’re here to ensure you have a hassle-free experience.

Stay tuned for updates on the official fix, and in the meantime, enjoy glitch-free browsing on your Pixel 8/Pro with the implemented workarounds. If you have any further questions or encounter new developments, feel free to revisit this guide for the latest information. Happy browsing!

Alex Lim is a certified IT Technical Support Architect with over 15 years of experience in designing, implementing, and troubleshooting complex IT systems and networks. He has worked for leading IT companies, such as Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco, providing technical support and solutions to clients across various industries and sectors. Alex has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the National University of Singapore and a master’s degree in information security from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is also the author of several best-selling books on IT technical support, such as The IT Technical Support Handbook and Troubleshooting IT Systems and Networks. Alex lives in Bandar, Johore, Malaysia with his wife and two chilrdren. You can reach him at [email protected] or follow him on Website | Twitter | Facebook

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