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Solved: How do I fix FortiManager GUI hang after upgrade firmware (VM environment)

This article describes that the FortiManager firmware can hang more than 10 minutes after an upgrade.

Basically, when the FortiManager is upgraded, it will take around 5 minutes to reboot the GUI.

Step 1: If the GUI hang, need to check from CLI and ping the IP of FortiManager.

Step 2: If ping success and access via CLI failed, it is necessary to access via console. (The customer needs to have access into console VM).

Step 3: After access into console, the page still could not be accessible. It is necessary to restart or turn off/on the instance off FortiManager.

Step 4: Access again via GUI to check if the firmware been upgrade or not. Ensure, before to perform an upgrade, to take the snapshot or backup config to prevent any issue.



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