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Solved: How do I add a photo image to the email signature on the iPhone mail app?


I am looking for information on how to add a photo image to the email signature on the iPhone mail app.

I have located the setting for mail signature in Settings > Mail app > Signature, however I am unable to find a way to add a photo image to the signature. Is there an option to copy and paste an image? Are there any other methods to add a photo image to the email signature?

I have attempted to insert an image into the Signature box, however, I am unable to do so, it either does not permit me to paste an image or, if it does allow me to paste an image, it does not appear in the test email. Instead, a rectangular box is shown in place of the image.


The iOS Mail app does not provide any direct way to insert an image in a Signature. The only available method is to copy and paste the image from a new email screen. For the best result, It is recommended to select an existing image from the Photos app, ensuring that the width does not exceed 320 pixels.

Depending on the email reader/client being used, there may be different behaviors when it comes to displaying images in emails. Due to security concerns, most email clients will not display an image that is stored outside of the email itself; however, they often display images that are embedded within the email itelf. Even with that, not every email client will like that (e.g. Gmail’s web interface is pretty strict on embedded images) but it’s typically your best option.

So if you see an empty box on your test email, see if you can try testing again and looking at it from another email program.

Step 1: Use Gmail or (Outlook / Apple Mail on a PC) to create an email, layout the signature as you want, and embed the image/logo you want.

Step 2: Send the email to the account that is on your iPhone.

Step 3: If the email looks OK and you’re happy with the signature then first choose FORWARD to open a new email with the signature visible.

Step 4: Copy the signature from this NEW EMAIL edit window.

Step 5: Go to Settings > Mail > Signature.

Step 6: Create a NEW signature and paste the contents of the clipboard. The image should copy over using this process.

Note: Copy the signature from the email when it comes in does not always pick up the image. The FORWARD then COPY process is more reliable.

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