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Solved: How do I move the image field into nvarchar(max) field in SQL/VB.Net syntax?


I need to take an Image datatype from one SQL database and insert it into a second database that is using nvarchar(max) for images.

Is nvarchar(max) what they should be using? When I do an insert, the image appears as System.byte[] in the table. Should there be a cast or convert done to the image datatype to get it to work?

The query as below:

Select [mypicture] from [dbo].[oldtable] into a datareader (drPic.Item("mypicture")) (image datatype)

Update [dbo].[newtable] Set [mypicture] = drPic.Item("mypicture") (nvarchar(max) datatype)


varchar is for characters, you should use varbinary instead. If you really want to use a varchar field, you need to encode your image.


Microsoft SQL Docs > SQL > Reference > Transact-SQL (T-SQL) Reference > String & binary > binary and varbinary (Transact-SQL)

How to Convert Image to Base64 in VB.Net

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