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Solved: How Do I Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch Activation Error 4001 and 4002?


If you encounter an error while activating your Samsung Galaxy Watch, please touch the Device Info button on the error message screen to display the corresponding error code. Once you have the code, please follow the subsequent steps below to resolve the issue.

Galaxy Watch Activation Error Code 4001 and 4002

Error Code 4001: Grant Permission

The Carrier Login Engine app must be granted permission to access the Phone functions.

Step 1: Go to Apps > Settings > Apps > More Options menu.

Step 2: Touch Show system apps > Permissions.

Step 3: Touch the slider to turn the permission on.

Step 4: Once the SIM card has been inserted, restart the phone and ensure that it is connected to a mobile network.

Error Code 4002: Update Software

Verify that the latest updates for both the phone and Galaxy Wearable app have been installed.

Step 1: Go to Apps > Play Store > Menu > My apps & games.

Step 2: Touch UPDATE ALL to update all apps.


Galaxy watch is currently supported by AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.


Samsung Troubleshooting Guide: Galaxy Watch Activation Errors

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