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[Solved] How to Fix “Failed to load Hulu” Loading ERROR94

Hulu Loading ERROR94 prompt might indicate an issue with the internet connection or incompatibility between the device and the application. Below are the troubleshooting steps to resolve “Failed to load Hulu” Loading ERROR94 in Hulu.

[Solved] How to Fix "Failed to load Hulu" Loading ERROR94

[Solved] How to Fix “Failed to load Hulu” Loading ERROR94

Content Summary

Potential Causes
Solution 1: Initial Troubleshooting Steps
Solution 2: Force stop for Hulu app
Solution 3: Clear cache for Hulu app
Solution 4: Deactivate and Reactivate Device
Solution 5: Update Application and System Software

Potential Causes

  • corrupted launch configurations cached in the device
  • Slow Internet connection
  • Outdated application
  • Outdated device software cause incompatibility between the application and the software.
  • VPN cause incompatibility between the ISP and the servers.

Solution 1: Initial Troubleshooting Steps

  • Check if the Hulu server is down using Down for Everyone or Just Me.
  • Restart the streaming device and home network appliances with the power-cycling method. You need to turn off then turn on your device. Shutdown your device completely if it is in sleep mode or standby mode. Unplug your device and home network media (modem and router) for around 2 minutes and next plug them back in.
  • Change from a wireless to a cabled network attachment.
  • Make sure that the device is completely updated and is maintaining the latest version which may be required for streaming of most modern videos.

Solution 2: Force stop for Hulu app

Follow the below steps to force the Hulu app to close completely then open again.

  • Android phone and tablet: Settings > Apps > All apps > Hulu > Force Stop.
  • Android tv: Settings > Applications > Hulu > Force Stop.
  • Fire tablet: Click on More > Applications > Installed applications > Hulu > Force Stop.
  • Fire TV and Fire TV Stick: Click on Settings > Applications > Hulu > Force Stop.
  • Nintendo Switch: Press the Home button > press the X button > Close.
  • Xbox one: Touch the Xbox button to start the guide > press the Menu button on your controller and Quit.

Solution 3: Clear cache for Hulu app

Clear cache to removes temporary files and frees up space:

  • Smart TVs and Streaming Boxes: Go to Settings menu > select the option to manage applications > clear the app data or cache. If this option can’t be found, delete the app and reinstall it.
  • PlayStation 4: Go to Home screen (XMB) > Settings > Storage > System Storage > Hulu > Options > Delete.
  • Xbox One: Go to Home menu > My Games and Apps > Apps > Hulu > press the three horizontal lines button > More Options > Manage App > Saved Data > Clear.
  • Nintendo Switch: Go to Home menu > System Settings > Data Management > Manage Saved Data > Delete Save Data > Hulu then confirm that you want to delete app data.

Solution 4: Deactivate and Reactivate Device

Step 1: Navigate to the official Hulu site using web browser.

Step 2: Click on the login option and enter your credentials.

Step 3: Hover the mouse on the block icon on the top right and select Account from the list.

Step 4: Under the Your Account section, click on the Manage Devices button next to the Watch Hulu on Your Devices option.

Step 5: Click on Remove next to the device.

Step 6: Reactivate the device by adding the code during login on the device.

Solution 5: Updating Application and System Software

For Windows

Step 1: Close the Hulu app.

Step 2: Click on the Microsoft Store icon in the taskbar.

Step 3: Click on the Three Dots icon in the top right corner and select the Downloads and Updates button.

Step 4: Select the Get Updates button and wait for the downloading process to start.

For Android

Step 1: Click on the PlayStore icon and select the Menu button in the top left corner.

Step 2: Click on the My Apps and Games button and select the Updates tab.

Step 3: Click on the Check for Updates button and select the Update button in front of the Hulu app to start the update process.

For Android TV

Step 1: Press the Home button on remote control.

Step 2: Click on the Google Play Store option under the Apps option.

Step 3: Select the Auto-Update Apps option > Auto-Update Apps at any time.

For Apple TV

Step 1: Open Settings > Apps option.

Step 2: Click on the Automatically Update Apps button to configure the TV to update apps.

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