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Solved: How do I fix “DF A8’h, Default Error” on Android Phone?

Problem Symptom: User reported that BSNL 2G, 3G SIM repeatedly prompted DF A8’h Default Error with the CANCEL or OK option to proceed. After “DF A8’h, Default Error” occurred, you can’t make calls, receive calls or perform any other operation on your phone.

  • Why is my phone showing the A8’H default error?
  • What is the meaning of “DF A’8, default error” on a Motorola E Plus phone?
  • How do I solve a “DF A8’H default error”?
  • What does the “DF A8’H default error” mean?
  • How can I remove DF A8′ H’Default Error from my phone?
  • How do I solve a DF A8’H default error without a computer?
  • How to Solve ‘DF A8’H Default Error’
  • The detailed error message as below:

DF A8’h, Default Error

SIM Tool Kit
DF A8’h, Default Error

Solved: How do I fix "DF A8'h, Default Error" on Android Phone?

DF A8’h is one of the common error in Android smartphones occurs due to SIM card module hardware fault. You can solve DF A8’h default error with the following workaround.

Content Summary

Potential Causes
Solution 1: Restart phone
Solution 2: Switch SIM card slot
Solution 3: Change MTK IMEI with USB cable
Solution 4: Replace SIM card

Potential Causes

  • Faulty on SIM card module hardware.

Solution 1: Restart phone

Try to restart your phone after getting the DF A8’h Default Error. Check again after few minutes to see whether DF A8’h, Default Error prompt again.

Solution 2: Switch SIM card slot

If your phone comes with dual SIM card slots, then you can try to switch your existing SIM card to another SIM card slot and see whether able to fix it or not.

Solution 3: Change MTK IMEI with USB cable

Step 1: Put the battery in the phone then power on the phone.

Step 2: Connect the USB cable.

Step 3: Select com.

Step 4: Install driver from MasterTool driver folder C:\Program Files\MasterBox\Driver.

Step 5: Use IMEI at the option. In the event that if IMEI at the phone is not switching on:

Step 6: Disconnect mobile from MasterTool and minimize the MasterTool window.

Step 7: Select option com port.

Step 8: Select driver from C:\Program Files\MasterBox\Driver\MediaTek

Step 9: Maximize the MasterTool window.

Step 10: Click on IMEI at meta.

Solution 4: Replace SIM card

Insert the SIM card into another working phone and check whether the same error occurs. If it exists then you can confirm that this is not because of your phone or SIM card slot issue. Contact the service provider to request for SIM card replacement.

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