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Solved: How do I fix “Complete your capital army before attacking” error in Clash of Clans?

Problem Symptom

When playing Clan Capital gamemode in Clash of Clans (CoC), I cannot attack with Capital Army in Raid Weekend while not having maxed spell slots. The Attack button is grayed out. If I click on the Attack button, an error message will be displayed:

Complete your capital army before attacking

To resolve the issue of the “Complete your capital army before attacking” error, please follow the steps outlined below:

Solved: How do I fix "Complete your capital army before attacking" error in Clash of Clans?

Potential Causes

In the CoC update patch announced on 25 June 2022, this feature changed where it doesn’t let you attack unless army camps are filled together with spells in order to attack to avoid people missing the fact that their clan had unlocked more army camp/spells space.

Full Army Camp Attack

In order to ensure Clans are using their full Housing Space when attacking, players will be notified they cannot initiate an attack until they utilize the full available Housing Space for their Capital Army.

This is to prevent a common instance of players initiating their Capital attack without realizing a Capital Army Camp had finished upgrading, leading to players attacking with fewer units than they could have used.


Player must choose a spell and have a full army before the attacks.


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