Bringing Smart Manufacturing to Life Through Industrial IoT (IIoT) Q&A

The world of manufacturing is transforming, driven by digital technologies like the industrial IoT and augmented reality. As products and operations within factories become increasingly connected and smart, IIoT data can help manufacturers drive more informed business decisions and predict customer preferences and behaviors. Read on this IIoT Q&A article to find out how to bring smart manufacturing to life with an integrated solution from PTC and Microsoft.

Bringing Smart Manufacturing to Life Through Industrial IoT (IIoT) Q&A

The Industrial Internet of Thing (IIoT) is revolutionising the manufacturing industry.Today’s manufacturers are digitising their machines, products and processes enabling them to optimize operations and create opportunities for new revenue streams. By building an expansive, connected network of people, products and things, manufacturers have unparalleled access to vast amounts of data which – if collected and used correctly – can help drive more informed business decisions and predict customer preferences and behaviors.

  • 91% of industrial companies are investing in creating digital factories (PWC)
  • 51% of research respondents say IoT is critical to their organization’s future success (VDC)

Question: How can manufacturers use IIoT data for competitive advantage?

Answer: Leverage solutions with remote monitoring and predictive analytics capabilities. Manufacturers that can quickly identify patterns or anomalies from the data generated by IoT-enabled products can use that information to:

  • Make smarter business decisions
  • Optimize product performance
  • Improve customer satisfaction and decrease costs.

Question: Where should IIoT data live?

Answer: Choose an established cloud on-premises or hybrid solution. Whatever your company’s deployment needs, cloud solutions offer unmatched speed, security, scale and global reach for deeper insights into operations. Microsoft Azure provides:

  • A powerful cloud platform so you can maximize your development efforts.
  • More regions than any other provider.
  • Seamless integration with ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform.

Question: How can industrial organizations bring smart manufacturing to life?

Answer: Select an integrated solution that enables bi-directional communication to IoT assets. ThingWorx and Microsoft Azure IoT together enable industrial innovation with IoT connectivity, rich contextualization, business system orchestration and breakthrough user engagement via mixed reality.

  • Quickly build smart, connected products, operations and solutions.
  • Scale globally to meet existing and emerging needs.
  • Get the industry-leading cloud experience of Microsoft with the proven OT strength of PTC.

Source: Bring Smart Manufacturing to Life infographic provided by PTC

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