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Royal Mail Cyber Incident Disrupts International Deliveries

Earlier this week, the UK’s Royal Mail suffered a “severe service disruption” due to a cyber incident. The issue has disrupted only international shipping; domestic mail remains unaffected.


  • To prevent massive backlogs, Royal Mail is asking customers to not post international items until further notice. They also subscription to service update emails so users can remain informed. The Royal Mail Label/Marking system used for international items was taken out by LockBit ransomware. It is not clear if this was the genuine LockBit, or another actor using the leaked LockBit 3.0 ransomware builder, which could mean the data is not decryptable. To add to the impact, Royal Mail is also involved in a dispute with the Communication Workers Union, over pay and conditions, and is threatening another strike; I bring this up as a scenario to consider in your BCP efforts. Understand where your fallback plan can fail and decide what you’re going to do if it happens now, rather than later, to include management buy-in.


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