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[Solved] Netflix Error “There was a problem with this download. (DLST.N1010)”

Follow below troubleshooting steps to resolve below error show on your Android phone or tablet.

There was a problem with this download. (DLST.N1010)

Solution: Clear Netflix app data

Basically this error points to information stored on the device that needs to be refreshed.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings from Home screen.

Step 2: Select General. If don’t see General then go to next step.

Step 3: Select Apps or Applications > Manage Applications, Application Manager, or Manage All Apps. If don’t see these selections then continue to next step.

Step 4: Select Netflix. If don’t see Netflix, check Downloaded tab.

Step 5: Select Storage. If don’t see Storage then continue to next step

Step 6: Select Clear Data or Clear Storage then OK.


Netflix Help Center: Netflix says ‘There was a problem with this download. (DLST.N1010)’

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