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QNAP Releases Firmware Updates to Address Critical Flaw Affecting QTS and QuTS hero

QNAP has made firmware updates available for a flaw in QTS and QuTS hero that could be exploited to inject malicious code. The vulnerability affects QNAP network attached storage (NAS) devices running QTS 5.0.1 and QuTS hero 5.0.1.


  • Just as a quick reminder: Do not expose your network storage to the internet. No matter the brand. If you absolutely must: Maybe a well locked down ssh server. For everything else you got a VPN.
  • This is essentially a SQL Injection flaw. Use the QNAP product support status site to see what the latest update for your device is, if your device is EOL or legacy, it’s time to replace it and decommission (not repurpose) the old one. While you’re at it, make sure that only intended user accounts and applications are present. Last, but not least, make sure it’s not directly exposed to the Internet.


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