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Netgear Releases Updates to Address Router Vulnerabilities

Updated on 2022-12-29: Puckungfu

NCC Group researchers have published a write-up on Puckungfu, a now-patched command injection vulnerability affecting Netgear routers. The bug is pretty serious as it can be exploited via the WAN interface. Read more:

Updated on 2022-12-28: Netgear Releases Updates to Address Router Vulnerabilities

Netgear has released firmware updates to address two security issues: a pre-authentication heap-based buffer overflow vulnerability that affects multiple models of its Wireless AC Nighthawk, Wireless AX Nighthawk (WiFi 6), and Wireless AC routers; and a denial-of-service vulnerability affecting its Wireless AC Nighthawk and Wireless AX Nighthawk (WiFi 6) routers.

List of vulnerable routers and the patched firmware versions effected by Denial of Service PSV-2019-0104:

  • RAX75 fixed in firmware version
  • RAX80 fixed in firmware version
  • R7000 fixed in firmware version
  • R7000P fixed in firmware version
  • R7960P fixed in firmware version
  • R8000P fixed in firmware version

List of vulnerable routers and the patched firmware versions effected by Pre-Authentication Buffer Overflow PSV-2019-0208:

  • RAX40 fixed in firmware version
  • RAX35 fixed in firmware version
  • R6400v2 fixed in firmware version
  • R6700v3 fixed in firmware version
  • R6900P fixed in firmware version
  • R7000P fixed in firmware version
  • R7000 fixed in firmware version
  • R7960P fixed in firmware version
  • R8000P fixed in firmware version

Ho to update Netgear router to the latest firmware

In order to download and install the most recent firmware for your Netgear router, please follow the steps outlined below:

Warning: The pre-authentication buffer overflow vulnerability remains if you do not complete all recommended steps.

Step 1: Visit NETGEAR Support.

Step 2: Start typing the Netgear router model number in the search box.

Step 3: Select your Netgear router model from the drop-down menu. If you do not see a drop-down menu, make sure that you entered the correct model number, or select a product category to browse for your product model.

Step 4: Click the Downloads.

Step 5: Select the first download whose title begins with Firmware Version under the Current Versions.

Step 6: Click the Release Notes.

Step 7: Follow the instructions in your product’s user manual, firmware release notes, or product support page to download and install the new firmware.


Netgear doesn’t provide any workarounds for these vulnerabilities, you need to apply the updated firmware. You’ve set your home routers to auto-update, so not a big deal right? Make sure that you check periodically to verify those updates are happening. Also, double-check you’re not exposing your admin interface to the Internet.


Overview: Netgear router misconfiguration

Tenable researchers say they identified a misconfiguration in Netgear NightHawk SOHO routers. This misconfiguration allowed unrestricted access to any of the router’s services via the router’s internet-facing IPv6 WAN interface. This meant the router’s firewall or DMZ would not block malicious connections to SSH (port 22) and Telnet (port 23) services, exposing routers to brute-forcing via IPv6. The issue was responsibly disclosed and patched. Read more:

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