Microsoft release Bing Ads API Version 9

Bing Ads API Version 9 is now available for developers. Bing Ads API Version 9 come with new functionality and improvements to existing features across Bing Ads web services including:

– Introduction of bulk upload and download methods for campaign management which utilize comma separated values (CSV) and tab separated values (TSV) as data interchange formats.

– Support for new features related to compatibility with AdWords enhanced campaigns such as mobile device preference on ads, bid adjustments on device targets and site link extensions on ad groups.

– Streamlining of campaign management methods to reduce number of calls needed to manage keywords, ad groups, targets and campaigns.

– Ad Intelligence service consolidates the behavior of multiple existing methods to simplify usage.

– Addition of GetBudgetLandscape method to the Optimizer service.

– Ability to get reports for individual ad groups in ad extension reports and individual campaigns in budget reports. Also the removal of features deprecated in version 8 of the API.

– Removal of methods related to management of campaign analytics, the campaign management REST API and the notifications service due to low usage.

– Support for authenticating users who have linked their Bing Ads accounts with a Microsoft account using OAuth 2.0.

Bing Ads API Version 8 is now deprecated and will be sunset on June 1st 2014.