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The 1Z0-202 Siebel 8 Certification Exam from Oracle

The Siebel 8 Consultant Exam from Oracle, which is the 1Z0-202, is an encompassing test that covers all critical aspects of technical implementation requirements. It is designed to measure the competence of consultants working as team members in the completion of client projects that involve Siebel 8. As such, it includes questions that focus on each crucial step in implementation, including installation, configuration, and administration.

Additionally, candidates must also possess knowledge of the Siebel CRM in order to successfully pass the 1Z0-202 exam. Application architecture as well as functionality and configuration are additionally among the testing subject matter.

The 1Z0-202 exam is only one step in the process of obtaining a Seibel Consultant Certified Expert designation from Oracle. There are additionally training requirements that must be satisfied and a course completion form which must also be submitted before your certification can be issued by Oracle.

Although formal training is a part of the certification process in this particular discipline, candidates typically undertake additional self study initiatives prior to sitting for their test. Tutorials and practice exams can help candidates gauge their testing readiness and improve their overall performance on the 1Z0-202 exam. Sites like offer robust exam engines, tutorials, and full length practice exams to assist in professional certification preparation activities.

If you have obtained prior certification as a Siebel Consultant, you can upgrade your credential and forego the learning requirements associated with the typical certification path. You must still successfully complete the 1Z0-202 exam, and you may still wish to refresh your learning by completing self study programs and practice tests prior to sitting for the 1Z0-202.

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