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MC496243: New Integration Management Settings for Global Admins in Viva Goals

Viva Goals supports integrations with Microsoft and third-party apps and platforms so that the OKR implementation process is as simple, effective, and seamless as possible. Effective immediately, global administrators can manage which integrations are available to Viva Goals organizations in your tenant. Additionally, Microsoft Planner and Excel integrations with Viva Goals will be available by default.

MC496243: New Integration Management Settings for Global Admins in Viva Goals

When this will happen

This capability is currently available. Rollout is complete.

How this will affect your organization

Global admins will have the ability to enable integrations for users in their tenant. For existing Viva Goals customers, all integrations that were previously enabled will remain available in the tenant. New integrations that are not available by default, such as Power BI, will need to be enabled by global admins using the steps to manage integrations.

Additionally, integrations that are not enabled by global administrators will no longer be visible to Viva Goals organization owners or administrators.

What you need to do to prepare

  1. Review which integrations are available in your tenant by following the steps to manage integrations.
  2. Work with your global administrator to review which integrations you would like to be available for Viva Goals users in your tenant.

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Message ID: MC496243
Published: 2023-01-11
Updated: 2023-01-11

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